Child Support and DNA tests

…and in all cases, the best interest of the CHILD was the primary focus.

lindsay, there’s no way in hell you’d get legislation passed to require DNA testing being done at birth. Why?

  1. It’s insulting to those of us parents who are in loving, committed relationships.
  2. Health insurance companies would resist paying for such tests on the grounds that it is: a) medically unnecessary and b) costly.
  3. See #2. And for every five patient who pays their bill, they have one that doesn’t. Guess who absorbs the cost? Besides, nurses have better things to do - like taking care of their patients - than to administer ridiculous procedures to protect the wallets of the handful of men this might affect.

Sailor, an integral part of the adoption process is the father relinquishing his parental rights. A woman cannot give a child up for adoption without the father agreeing. Non notification, or falsely reporting who the father is, has resulted in several well-publicized and controversial cases where an adopted child was torn from his adoptive parents’ homes – in some cases, after several YEARS – and returned to the biological parents. So please, spare me the lecture on the unfairness of it all.

You all have a point that there are a lot of sluts out there. What you have failed to mention is that there are also a lot of stupid, reckless, irresponsible men who don’t take the time to find out if the woman they are screwing is trustworthy.

How does an embryo qualify as a child?
Now I grant the judge may have wanted adequate support for them when/if they were born - as in $130,000 dollars a year - but I must say I’ve never heard of an embryo being given the rights of a child. That would indeed be a landmark case. No, it was clearly about the judges ruling he was willing to become a father to these yet unborn or developed children.
This despite the woman’s clear unwillingness to be with him.
It seems that being a father was nothing more in this case then being a source of money. I wonder if he’ll get visitation, or if he’ll even care, given that the children will be in no way related to him, and probably only know their mother and perhaps her new husband.

Gee, that would throw a wrench into the abortion issue, wouldn’t it. “Well, this embryo has the right to $130,000 a year, but not a right to live…”

Zev Steinhardt

The guy is either:

A) A victim of some previous guy’s “killer sperm” which remains in the love canal for about 3 days, or,

B) A victim of a conspiracy by the mother to support her child. If, when she realized she was pregnant, and that the true father (out on parole, up for sentencing, killed in a drug deal, etc., ) would not be able/willing to provide that support, she found this poor schmo with a job
to give her a honk and hang the child support on him.

Women have the power. They determine who, when, where and IF.

Um. Which guy were you referring to? If you meant the one discussed in the prior few posts, the mother visited a sperm bank. He discovered the bill, which is how he found out.

>> You all have a point that there are a lot of sluts out there

Where? I can never find them when I need them…

So women are FORCING poor schmos (with jobs) into inserting their nekkid penises into their vaginas and ejaculating?!! Would this be with a gun or by sheer physical force?

Damn! We ARE powerful!

In the last case, that wasn’t even necessary. That’s the disturbing part.
So. Get into a relationship with a fundie, visit the sperm bank, have the guy protest the reduction in the number of embryos from quadruplets to say twins, then collect $130,000 a year.

But wouldn’t it be in the child’s best interests to sue, say, General Motors for child support?

Kyber, reverse the situation: Wife visits sperm bank and gets pregnant; HUSBAND sues for divorce.

Should the courts deny him partial custody/visitation rights of this child solely because he isn’t the biological father? What about a couple who had just adopted a child? Any difference?

Had he gone to court and claimed he shouldn’t pay child support because she got pregnant against his wishes and/or against his knowledge, he may have had a case. But he didn’t do that. Quite the contrary. Instead he sued her to prevent her from selectively aborting some of the embryos. What possible legal ground did he claim in order to sue her? I mean, if he’d have sued his neighbor’s wife to prevent her from having an abortion, the suit would have never made it to court. They would have thrown it out, saying he had NO STANDING in this case. The reason he had his day in court was because claimed a parental right over these children. He argued that as a “father” to these children, he should have a say in what happens to them.

And therein lies the crux of the issue. The court was simply telling him that you can’t ASSERT your parental rights on one hand, then DENY them when it comes to ponying up some dough.

PunditLisa, I never suggested legislation. What I heard was on a popular radio show, and the host was taking calls from men about how unfair he thought this is.

A caller, obviously a student of Leykis 101, said that he had been ‘dating’ a woman who eventally became pregnant. He had the DNA testing done right after the birth and he was excluded, couldn’t possibly have been the father.

He dumped the woman, and she tried to collect money from him, but couldn’t do it.

My opinion is that men ought to have equal rights. Just as no woman should be forced to carry an unwanted pregnancy, no man should be forced into becoming a parent against his wishes.

Tom, the radio host, keeps telling his listeners to use birth control, and now he says every child should be tested at birth to determine paternity.

He also says if it is your kid, pay up.

It must be gut wrenching for these kids to find out that the man they thought was the father is not. And probably just as bad for the guy who finds out he has been deceived.

lindsay, I hear what you’re saying, but of course you DO know that there is a 100% guaranteed way to ensure you won’t become a father against your wishes.

As long as men cannot bear children, things will NEVER be equal. But for every man who has become a father unwillingly, I can assure you there are 50 women who have entered motherhood unexpectedly.

How does a woman become pregnant unexpectedly?

There are ten or eleven forms of birth control.

Assuming the woman is using the pill, or Depa Provera, a pregnancy would be unexpected.

However, you don’t have a baby by accident. Abortion is available.

Anyway I hear the men rant because a woman has had a child when they were unwilling to become a parent. One guy said he was tempted to kill the bitch, but he had gotten used to the kids.

Another fella took custody of the child and now the mother pays him child support.

Don’t personally know these women, but I wouldn’t be able to sleep in peace, knowing these guys were angry at having their wallets hijacked.

Did you read the story of Blue Edwards, an NBA player? He had an affair with a gal from B.C., she had discussed having a Profit Pregnancy and did have a child. He paid her $2,500 a month, and then she decided to go for $25,000 or so a month.

Blue went to court and got custody of his son, who is now living with Blue and his wife.

The mother is $100,000 in debt and is working at two jobs.
If she wants to see the child, she must travel to visit him.

It helps to be able to afford a very good attorney.

That’s true. Without sperm, there is NO baby. No lawsuits. No innocent men having their wallets fleeced.