Christianity for Idiots and Atheists

I wouldn’t like to give the impression that I’m for attacking someone who writes something merely a bit eyerolling as an OP. Quite the contrary. But a parody is not the same as a pit-kicking. And despite suggestions otherwise, just who dogpiled here? I don’t see anything I’d construe as antagonistic.

I just happen to think that a parody isn’t necessarily an unreasonable debate tactic (depending on the way that the parody is done). If you are merely switching certain key words to show how the argument could work contrarywise, how is that something vicious? The “nastiest” thing about Lib’s OP is merely that it is in the pit. It wouldn’t really have looked out of place in GD or even in the thread itself.

If you post something in GD, you’re asking for a response. If you’re hit by an intellectual brick, then that is as SD should be and if you happen to be a gnat then that’s just tough luck really. And posting a new thread is the biggest challenge of all. If he had done his homework, he would have seen that his thread was almost offensive in its temerity. But he decided not to lurk and not to try his hand out first in other GD threads. Hmph. Well, you pays your money and you takes your choice.

So I don’t really think he can have any complaints either way. On the one hand Lib’s response is merely argument by reversal and on the other he decided to post an OP to an embittered and cynical audience without having the politeness to lurk first.


Only if he weighs the same as the duck.