Christians opposed to social justice

Every time I see something like this, I think of a quote by Stephen Colbert (of all people!)

“If this is going to be a Christian nation that doesn’t help the poor, either we have to pretend that Jesus was just as selfish as we are, or we’ve got to acknowledge that He commanded us to love the poor and serve the needy without condition and then admit that we just don’t want to do it.”

4,400 religious leaders sign a declaration of hatred, and the best you can say is “N0-YOU!”?

It’s as if you’re deliberately trying to nail down the “Biggest Fuckwad Of the Thread” award.

The thread is young, and the fuckwad competition is just starting to heat up. We should wait for entries from the rest of the antisocial injustice combatants before awarding the prizes.

I’ve said it before on this board, but claiming to be a christian is the lowest form of virtue signalling. If being a christian does not mean that you are a follower of christ, if it means that you do not accept his teachings and direction, then calling yourself a christian means nothing, less than that, actually.

When someone calls themselves a christian, or refers to another as a “good christian man”, they are implying that there are certain values that are held as part of that belief.

Messages like this go against that, and are changing what it means to be a christian. This letter says that to be a christian is not to love your neighbor as yourself, not to judge not, lest you be judged, not to forgive others their trespasses, as you are forgiven for yours, but instead, to love yourself more than others and to judge others for their trespasses.

If that is what they want, if they want to redefine christianity as a hate group, then that is not much concern of mine. I just wonder if there are any christians who do actually follow the teachings of christ who would object to their religious beliefs being used as cover for those who are willing to harm others for their own self aggrandizement.

Don’t you have family members you could be letting down?

Are you drunk? You’re leading with your chin here. Like, WAY out in front.

Hey, Chuckles, it’s pretty funny seeing you accuse someone else of hatred. Since you didn’t have the balls to show up in your Pit thread, let’s review some of your assholery here:

Scumpup…Who or what is he/she?

He nailed down “Biggest Fuckwad on the Board” a long time ago.

I hope they’ll remember this when the Temple of Satan rolls up with their Baphomet statue.

Scumpup is lucky he didn’t see how many members of the clergy signed up to condemn him.

Christians opposed to social justice?

So… “Christians Who Are Nothing Like Jesus”?

Nice of them to stand up and admit their hypocrisy.

digs, do you think they could be persuaded to wear a badge of some sort, or a particularly silly hat?

To be honest, I knw lots of Catholics who do follow the ways of Jesus, one nun in particular who travelled to New Orleans with some family friends after Katrina. You know, just to help. But Catholics have the whole molesting priests issue on the other side of the coin. A close family member actually started attending Protestant services after the most recent issues. She ain’t gonna like this. Did the protestant declaration in the OP end with: “…And FUCK Jesus!”?

This could have been a good debate, but since it was started in the Pit and used for nothing more than the latest round of Recreation Outrage, it will go nowhere. A shame.

Taken at face value, he looks like he’s defending the clergy. But he wasn’t trying to make any point, just get a quick personal jab in regardless of any logic.

I’m just thinking outside the box here, spitballin you know, stick with me. So start a thread somewhere else.

Glad to see you here, skin tag. Wish you weren’t a mod, but things are what they are. You remain this board’s most useless appendage. E and tardgazm are vital to the community compared to you.

I see civility just entered the room.

Nothing really new from that crowd… looking at it and knowing the background of these preachers, this sounds a lot like “Y’know all those things we’ve been against all this time? That’s what kids these days are calling Intersectionality and Social Justice. And we’re telling ya we’re still against it all.” This is more along the lines of the usage of “SJW” as a putdown, redefining the phrase/notion “Social Justice” as something bad by associating it with ultraleftist bogeymen.

And they completely pervert the notion of Christian solidarity with the suffering by saying “we should weep with those who weep, but we should do no more than that, there IS no more than that”. That’s nonsense. The Prophets are all in everyone’s face about doing justice to the afflicted. Paraphrasing Jesus, he said even heathens treat their own kind kindly, his followers are called to do better than that.

Yeah, that was pretty much my take too. This is not a new position but a doubling down on an old one.

You’ll never ever guess what shows up first when I google this pastor’s name + Trump.