Christmas dinner

I usually cut them in wedges, toss them with olive oil, season with seasoned salt (or just salt & pepper) and rosemary, then roast them in a 425 oven until crusty and done.

Our christmas dinner will be pretty simple. By request, I’m making two items:

Hot and sour soup, and Pork fried rice.

We’ll probably add some egg rolls, some pot stickers, and some sushi.

What can I say? It’s traditional in our house…

I can’t think of hot & sour soup without thinking of a cartoon I saw years and years ago.

The scene: Outside the back of a Chinese restaurant. One waiter is standing in the doorway. Another waiter is hunkered down next to a drunken derelict, holding a bowl in front of the derelict’s face. The squatting waiter says, ‘You tell American round-eye faggot he just have to wait for his hot & sour soup!’

Christmas eve… well I need to ask my son what he wants (his birthday dinner).

Christmas day is at my aunt’s and we have turkey with assorted trimmings (apple raisin stuffing, broccoli casserole, potatoes, squash, gravy).

Mmm can’t wait…

Reminds me of an old “Dirty Duck” cartoon. The soup du jour was provided similarly by a drunk named Alf du Jour.

Was it a Dirty Duck cartoon that had him reading his version of Trees?

I think that I have never bit
A thing as lovely as a tit
A tit whose taste is just as sweet
When properly addressed as ‘teat’
I know this poem’s a piece of shit
But only God can make a tit

I remember the poem, I don’t recall if that was DD or not.

Seems we’ve strayed off-topic just a tad…

Well, someone could post a recipe for duck!

Or weevil!

Roasted turkey, grean beans with bleu cheese and bacon, a potato and onion torte, some sort of squash dish, asiago rolls and a pecan streusel pumpkin pie. There’ll probably be another dessert too, but I haven’t decided on what yet.

Due to my husband’s work schedule, tonight is Christmas for us, so I have planned a rosemary & garlic pork roast, gourmet mac & cheese, spinach souffle, and roasted asparagus served with a nice chianti, and apple pie al-la mode with Jamaican coffee for dessert.

It’s traditional at our house to go out on Christmas day and have dim sum. We go to the “Mayflower Restaurant” in Milpitas and have a big ol’ dim sum brunch at 10 a.m. It gets crowded, and everyone’s wishing each other Merry Christmas - it’s fun!

But maybe at some point over the Christmas after-weekend I’ll make a prime rib, Yorkshire puds and brussels sprouts, too.

Christmas Eve is celebrated at MiL’s house, where we’ll have turkey, mashed potatos, gravy, green bean casserole and I don’t know what else.

Christmas Day I always make (and am again this year), prime rib roast that we buy preseasoned from the butcher shop. They are to die for.

Mashed red potatoes.

Gravy made with the drippings from the roast, red wine, a little consomme and broth, seasonings if required, and chanterelle mushrooms.

Asparagus. I haven’t decided if I’ll steam and then season or if I’ll sautee them up.

Some kind of rolls. I’m not a fan of bread with dinner, but some in my extended family are, so I put them out.

Whatever desserts my guests bring.

I’ll also have plenty of noshing food out before dinner is served.

My husband wants either manicotti or stuffed shells with meat sauce.

Sometimes I think he married me just because he thought that he’d get pasta for dinner five nights a week.

Reason enough, IMO.

My 14-year-old son lobbied hard for something out of the ordinary, so when rack of lamb (or, as I prefer to call it, Lack of Ram) went on sale, the decision was made.

In addition to the Lack of Ram, I think I’ll be making some sort of green salad and portabella mushroom caps filled with garlic mashed potatoes and served on sauteed baby spinach. Or maybe I’ll skip the green salad and make some sort of salsa-y thing to go with the lamb. I found a recipe for a pomegranate mint salsa that sounds pretty good.

I’m undecided on dessert. I’m leaning toward some sort of pear flambe. Anybody got a recipe for something like that?

Not a flambé, but Here’s the recipe for the wine-poached pears and chocolate sauce I mentioned earlier.

I love reading everyone’s traditional and not-so-tradtional Christmas meals.

While turkey & fixings is set in stone for Thanksgiving, Christmas dinner is always up for deliberation at our house. I’ve done turkey, I’ve done ham, I’ve done prime rib, I’ve done restaurant. This year, it’s going to be lasagna with sausage and pepperoni, fettucini carbonara, garlic bread and salad. If I get ambitious on Christmas Eve, I might attempt some minestrone. Pork products and carbs galore! My daughter is the dessert chef and will delight us with something containing chocolate (and no pork, I hope).

Christmas Eve dinner is always Chinese take-out. It surely has been so ever since the Magi followed that star to Jade Garden on their way to Bethlehem.

Dang, that does sound good. I usually eschew desserts containing chocolate because of my husband’s allergies, but how much real chocolate can fat-free chocolate syrup contain?

Chocolate and red wine just go together. Maybe you can make the recipe as-is for you and your son, and do something a little different for your husband. Like, maybe replace the chocolate with some sort of custard?