City of Villains 14-day trial offered by

I know at least one Doper was looking for a CoV trial so here ya go!

Bumping because tomorrow is the last day to sign up.

Thanks for the link. I got signed up and spent about an hour last night messing around with character creation and then getting out of prison. I played CoH for about 3-4 months when it first came out, so it was still somewhat familiar.

I have a few questions if you don’t mind answering. I suppose a new thread might be better, but I’ll try this first. The first villain I created is a stone/dark brute. Brute seemed like the most straight forward class and the easiest way to get playing. As I was looking through the options though, some of the other classes sounded interesting.

Since I only have 13 days left, I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on classes to try? I’m definitely interested in any comments on the pet class (can’t remember the name).

Last, are there any “great” combinations with CoV? I remember back when CoH was new, a fire/fire blaster was a super combination for leveling (you could AoE entire gangs of bad guys).


I got the CoV trial, and had a lot of fun with an Assault Rifle / Radiation corruptor, as well as a Robotics/Traps mastermind. They were great soloing and with groups, the little I played them (up to 8 or 10 I think). Beyond that, I can’t say much about their effectiveness or give any strategy tips. The experience did prompt me to buy CoH, though, which means all my free time is now forfeit. :rolleyes:

That would be the Mastermind. Very fun class, essentially one-man teams. The very first toon I created (this was in beta) was a Necro/Dark MM.

I think a Brute and a MM is a very good combo. Some MMs (traps, for example) have a bit of healing ability and the Brute can act like a tank, keeping mobs off the MM and pets.

You’re quite welcome. :slight_smile:

Damn! I see my writing skills failed me again. :smack:

What I meant was… are there any great combinations of primary and secondary powers for the purpose of soloing? In general what works best for soloing in CoV?

KS, I had an Assault Rifle/Devices blaster in CoH that I remember being pretty nasty.

Thanks Lute!

I’m downloading the 1.9GB client right now. Will be doing so for most of the next hour, actually. Then it’s clobberin’ time.

(El Perro Fumando is gonna be pissed when I waste my weekend with this game, and it’ll be all Lute’s fault! :wink: )

FYI, it’s still running, apparently, past the last date it was supposed to. I was dissapointed to notice I was a day late, but then I tried signing up and was able to.

Ah. Pretty much MM build, given their one-man army status.

Agreed. You may want to check out the keybinds on the official boards if you do plan on being a Mastermind.