Cleaning ladies are stealing drugs. Great.

Please keep your money (and I guess your drugs) out of sight. In the drawer or in the other room is fine, and none of my business. And I never took anything. But when I was very poor, and working as a cleaner, it was just painful going past your loose change every week. And it added up: I had to not take that dollar last week, then not take that dollar this week, then not take that dollar next week – and I’m already 3 dollars down, which is enough to really care about.

Best place to find trustworthy cleaning people, exterminators, etc is on Nextdoor. You get detailed & very helpful reviews.

Don’t call the cops. The cops will not give a shit about The Case of the Missing Pills*. Fire the cleaners and change your locks. Just tell them that a relative is going to take care of the cleaning and you don’t need their services or something. Hire new cleaners. There are ethical cleaners out there.


ETA: assuming it was the cleaners.

See, that’s where I lucked out; I had a weekly client who always threw away her change. I saw it as I was dumping her dressing room trash, picked it out every time and stacked it on her vanity thinking it was from changing purses. It started returning to the trash can so I brought the pile of it to her in the kitchen.
“Oh I don’t want that, throw it away.”
“You don’t want your money?”
“I don’t touch coins, they’re filthy. If you can use them you can have them.” So I dropped them in my apron pocket right then so she saw in case there was any confusion. Nope. She kept throwing away change and I kept picking it out, for over 5 years.

Maybe they were ass-pennies?

Oh boy. I’m glad for my gloves!