Cleveland Indians considering a name change

Emphasis added. Nope.

There is the old rattlesnake egg prank, which never works on experienced herpetologists that remember that rattlesnakes don’t lay eggs :wink:.

Doh! I must have been thinking of jackalopes.

Well, exactly! Pity that name is already taken.

I’d be afraid of a Flaming River…
(This is in response to Chronos post) I don’t know how to do the “quotes” thing

Flaming Rivers would be out because people would shorten it to the Flamers which falls into that uncanny valley of too old fashioned to be insulting but too recent to be innocuous.

Good point. It was more of an attempted humorous jab at Ohio anyway.
But seriously, I do like the Spiders, that’s a decent name and a tribute to the past.
Are there any predatory animals/birds that Ohio is known for whose names aren’t taken by other teams?

There are the famous buzzards of Hinckley, Ohio. :smiley:

Kareem Hunt, maybe?

I just looked up some other proposed Spider logos.
Anyone reminded of The Thing?
Plus being hilariously wrong.

Ohio’s state animals leave a lot to be desired in terms of fearsomeness.

State Mammal: White-tailed Deer. Bucks is already taken by another professional team. Buckeyes (actually a tree) is taken by Ohio State.

State Bird: Cardinal. Already taken by two pro teams.

State Reptile. Black Racer snake.

State Amphibian: Spotted Salamander

State Frog (not sure why they need another amphibian): American Bullfrog

State Insect: Ladybug

State Fossil: Isotelus maximus trilobite

(Interestingly, the state fruit is the tomato, and the official state beverage is tomato juice. I am not making this up.)

Hmmm…the Cleveland Tomatoes. Has a bit of ring, doesn’t it?

Trilobites are cool, but you don’t want to be called “a bunch of old fossils” or criticized for playing like a long-extinct arthropods.

I’ll propose “Comets” as a new name for the team. It relates to Cleveland’s claim as the birthplace of Rock and Roll (since “Rock Around the Clock” by Bill Haley and the Comets was very possibly the song that popularized the genre name), but avoids “Rockers” which would be too similar to the already-existing Rockies. In addition, it has the connotation of something that is fast and can deliver a hard blow, and is alliterative with the city name.

Comets only shine brightly every few decades.

In just a few more years, the time since the last Cleveland championship will be equal to the time between re-appearances of Halley’s Comet.:slight_smile:

As a Clevelander, I like “Spiders” a heck of a lot more than “Comets”. That’s just too tenuous a connection.

Now that would be cool - if they could license the vintage WMMS Home of the Buzzard logo.

This brings up a point I have wondered about. Some people are against the team being named the Indians because it is an ethnicity. But the Indians themselves are not “Indians”. They are Native Americans. We named them after a different ethnicity. And maybe not even Native Americans as that is just a European name for their country anyway. Why aren’t the Indians objecting to being called Indians in the first place?

I’ve heard some say that they like the name because it shows how stupid the palefaces are.:wink:

There’s a lot of disagreement among Native Americans/American Indians themselves over what terminology is best. They aren’t “Americans” because they are descended from people who were here before the Europeans labeled this place “America.” They aren’t “Indians” because that’s someone else’s name.

Canada calls them “First Peoples.” That might be a good alternative.