College FB coaches killing players by overwork in heat?

The point that I think we were trying to make is that there are more than 20 times more college football players than NFL players.

In the first sentence of your OP on this thread, you said:

The NFL had that one heat-related death (Korey Stringer) in 2001, and none since then, while the NCAA has had 27. Given the proportion of college players to pro players, that suggests that one can’t say that it’s the result of something that college teams are doing wrong, while NFL teams are doing it correctly.

That said, even one death due to heat stroke that could have been prevented is one too many.

so it’s just a fluke that NFL has had nobody die due to smaller number of players? And the fact that the NFL has taken measures to prevent heat stroke deaths means nothing?

First of all, do we actually know that NCAA teams (some? many? most?) haven’t taken similar measures to the NFL, to prevent heat stroke?

Secondly, the fact that the NFL has made changes absolutely does mean something. We have no idea how many NFL players might have suffered heat stroke in the past 17 years, had those changes not been made, but the fact that no one in the NFL has died from it since Korey Stringer is important.

But, simply looking at it from a statistical standpoint: all else being equal, a program that has roughly 1/27th the number of active players in it at any one time (the NFL) than does the NCAA could expect to see roughly 1/27th the number of heat stroke deaths. And that’s what the numbers are showing.

I checked my kid’s high school current roster, and there are 69 players and six coaches. That’s a lot of people running around. Plus, this was a pre-season drill (before cuts, so there might have even been more kids on the field) and I don’t know if the players were even wearing numbered jerseys. Even if they were, my kid knew he was supposed to run one set, then sit out two.