Commies are live and well in Minnesota

I don’t know what they eat for breakfast, but yes, there are commies in america:

Why is this shocking to you? I’d hope there would be communists in the US.

In America, you have the right to be a commie if you are so inclined. And it does not surprise me that there are people who practice their rights in this manner anywhere, let alone the state that elected a former pro-wrestler as it’s governor!

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Actually, only US born citizens can be commies. Naturalized citizens can be deported if found to be commies, nazis etc etc.

Will Jesse deal with those comies?
from the link in th OP

One wonders how Minnesota’s governor might appear in the nation’s media as a champion of the farmer.

Mr. Jesse Ventura has railed against an alleged tendency of government to “rescue everyone who runs into adversity.” “Level the playing field” but more capitalism. “Capitalism is excellent, but you can’t let capitalism turn into monopolies,” he once told reporters. What planet are you from, sir?

Farmers, on the other hand, offer proposals ranging from a moratorium on new hog feed lots, to mandatory disclosure of agribusiness contracts, to a law preventing processors from owning a livestock supply, to price supports. In their combination, these proposals form a platform of resistance to the property rights claimed by Corporate America. In fact, farmers are raising a demand for less capitalism.

Senator Paul Wellstone has proposed to initiate a grassroots campaign to dismantle the “Freedom to Farm” Act. Such is the essential starting point. To this end, we point to the necessity of forging a farmer-labor alliance

Moreover, into the theory and practice of class struggle we must inject the concept of socialist planning as the long-view mechanism by which we save the farm.

—Peter Molenaar

I just came back from Minneapolis today, and I didn’t see any commies there. There were a few weirdos at the Mall of America… but nothing out of the ordinary. Maybe they brainwashed me into thinking they didn’t exist… hmmm.

“I may be crazy, but at least I’m not as crazy as you.”-- Calvin and Hobbes
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Oooh, Mall of America!!

Did you stop at Fat Tuesday’s? Top floor?

Greatest drinks man has to offer. :slight_smile: Maybe it’s part of the evil conspiracy?

The commies would not hang out at a mall. They would support non chain stores and co ops.

I hope you aren’t suggesting that Communism is evil. Because it isn’t - it’s a perfectly acceptable, morally superior form of Government.

It’s only problem is that humans, being naturally selfish and greedy, can’t make it work. So they instead rely on that other, more popular, form of Government - Capitalism, where greed is good, and selfishness breeds success and wealth.

This should be in GD.

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Well, you kind of got there, but not really, GuanoLad.

It’s a morally inferior form of government because it is based on a psueodoscientific analysis of human interaction that ignores much of what makes humans tick and, while you at least recognize that it (thankfully) is unattainable by human beings in it’s “pure” form, you still ascribe to it some moral superiority. I think you missed the point.

It’s a product of the same ovens that produced fascism (they’re almost indistinguishable). They’re both systems designed to produce palliatives that sustain a supporting belief in enough of the population such that no ordered grass roots opposition can be organized against the ruling oligarchy, who are far better locked in than they could ever be in a capitalist system.

Okay. I have no idea what you just said, which gives you some idea of what i know (and care) about politics.

But when I said morally superior, I was referring to the fact that it believes all people should be considered equal, which is it’s most basic tenet. I think of that as being a very good thing.

Outside of that, I don’t really care enough to give a monkeys. :slight_smile:

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(sigh) Wrong. Stalinism, communism, and socialism are not indistinguishable.

To my knowledge communism has never actually existed. Stalinism is the repressive form of communism which characterized the USSR and is found in China. The most cursory examination will show it not to be communism because communism is based on worker’s rights and workers had/have few rights in those countries.

Socialism is to be found in a good deal of Europe, and to a tragically waning extent in Canada. It is also known as social democracy.

As for the viability of these… well, capitalism isn’t in such a good way either. It’s now become untenable, due simply to the shortage of resources. There is an insufficient quantity of resources and of damage the environment can still take for capitalism to continue much longer in its present form. Also, with the money markets and stock exchanges, capitalism has become more and more abstract and divorced from any reality of production or demand. If it hadn’t, banks, which produce nothing, would not be some of the richest institutions in the world.