Controversial encounters between law-enforcement and civilians - the omnibus thread

Unless the literacy rates among Hispanics in Texas are different from that average.


White skin privilege

The racism of older whites is breathtaking. Now I know why conservatives hate public education…Obama would never have won without the votes of younger whites, who learned to accept minorities as a direct result of their experiences in public schools.

My comment on literacy rates was in regard to my thesis of “It makes sense that jury pools would be skewed toward retired people in general, but are retired police officers a large percentage of total retirees?” Not to the point of the underrepresentation of hispanics on grand juries.

If we’re going to address the underrepresentation of hispanics on Texas grand juries, I would expect that if petit juries can comply with constitutional requirements on hispanic representation, then I would think grand juries could do the same.

Arizona cop caught on cam brutally attacking teen girl while mother begs them to stop.

“Luis Paul Santiago, the witness who filmed the violent encounter stated that police attempted to delete the video, and the second officer on the scene explained that the officer “behaved correctly” and stated that “if she needed to, she could have shot her dead.””

This doesn’t really deserve its own thread, so I’ll just drop it here.

A cop arrests a guy for parking in a good parking spot

Not only was did this fucker arrest the guy over absolute bullshit, but he also severely injured him.

And it has taken the guy two years to have his name cleared.

I’m guessing this police officer still has his job, though. I’m sure the citizens of Broward County are very appreciative of this.

Yes, I understand that. My point was that, if it were the case that the other qualifications of grand jurors, like literacy or being registered to vote, are significantly different than the general public, that would be reflected in the different rate at which they were selected for grand juries.


The Eric Garner case seems to be catching on nationally (and on both sides of the spectrum) in a way that Ferguson never did. The polling for the Garner case is nearly opposite from the Michael Brown case, as far as the lack of indictments – a significant majority (including a majority of white people) disagree or strongly disagree with the lack of an indictment in the Garner case.

Perhaps this is due to the video evidence?

Martin Hyde is an ignorant pig-molesting halfwit. We all knew that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess it’s helpful when you have video (and also that it was a situation where the police could’ve and should’ve simply effected an arrest by way of issuing a citation for him to appear, as I presume was routinely done with past charges).

Undoubtedly that is a major factor.

Also, the two cases are simply quite different - I have always maintained that the Garner case was a better case for pressing for change than the Brown case. These poll results demonstrate why.

“Just one week after FOX31 Denver first aired a citizen’s videotape of a police officer punching a drug suspect in the face, then tripping his pregnant girlfriend, the Denver Police Department has given that same officer a promotion.”

Somebody squealed?

To be fair, how could his superiors know anything improper had happened? After the police confiscated his tablet and deleted his video, there was nothing to see anymore.

If there’s not already, there needs to be an app that automatically uploads video to a remote location so the police can’t cover up their crimes.

Police shootings in Philadelphia have dropped precipitously this year, largely due to a “shake-up” in training and tactics. This is just one example, and one year, but it might show that cops can adequately protect themselves while shooting and killing fewer people.

Thanks, Apple! (iCloud)

?? I didn’t see any brutal attack in that video. I saw an officer (seemingly female) trying to get a young woman handcuffed. If there was punching, hitting, kicking, choking I missed it.

My assumption is that the “teen” was not willing to be handcuffed – and that wrestling a young woman to the ground wasn’t the officer’s first choice.

If the cops tried to get rid of the video, shame on them. If someone has incorrectly described this as a “brutal attack” to score cheap narrative points, shame on them.

Just use WhatsApp or some other messaging service, and be sure that the group includes people from out of town. Or your lawyer.

The officer punched the girl in the face twice, at the 2 and 3 second mark.