Cop arrests nurse because she told him no

Yes, the police were absolute ANGELS under Obama!??

Obama didn’t encourage brutality.

While the majority of stopping this behavior should come from the state and local governments, President Obama’s DoJ didn’t make a point of stepping in and doing what it could where it could either. It’s wrong to lay aberrant police behavior on Donnie; police like this officer were brutishly incompetent before, and police like this officer will be brutishly incompetent after the loofah-faced shit gibbon is (hopefully) run out of DC with tar and feathers. Power-hungry bullies like this officer will behave like he did regardless of whatever idiotic thing comes out of Donnie’s mouth about banging suspects’ heads on police cars.

Obama administration cracks down on police abuse, draws challenges [Los Angeles Times, October 22nd, 2015]

I did not know that (or hadn’t remembered it, if that’s a distinction). Thank you. Don’t know how much bullying it stopped, but at least they tried. The Keebler Elf is far more worried about going after someone who laughed during his confirmation hearing, and doesn’t have time, I’m sure, to worry about abusive, illegally policing.

I dunno about that. Sure, he is a power hungry bully, and I am sure that he abuses suspects on a regular basis already. But I do feel that getting approval for that behavior from the president is going to make people like this bolder. I don’t blame trump for this particular incident, even if his influence increased the likelihood of this sort of situation happening. It’s like Harvey and Global Climate Change. We can’t really show that harvey was due to climate change, but we can certainly show that things like harvey can become more common due to it.

Obama called one policeman’s action “stupid”. Even if one thinks this particular cops action was “stupid”, it is not helpful for the President of the United States to call any policeman’s action “stupid”, especially long before all the facts in the case were established.

How does the President of the United States calling a cop’s action “stupid” make the average cop on a beat feel? It certainly can embolden criminals to treat the police and the law in general with contempt.

Please supply the quote when Trump called for “brutality” by police against the people of the United States.

Here you go

That’s not all the people of the US, but that wasn’t the claim, was it?
As for Obama calling a cop’s action stupid, do you think that cops never do that themselves? I’d guess the cop on the beat would not have a problem, assuming they agree that the action was stupid. Now, if they think the flagrant conduct was fine they might be upset, but I think the vast majority of cops know and do the right thing. Don’t you?

BTW I don’t think Trump had anything to do with this particular case. Beating up suspects, maybe, but this was a medical professional. More of a “respect my authoriti” case I think.

What a … bizarre way of thinking. If someone else in the country who happens to have the same job as I do publicly does something stupid, and it’s newsworthy enough that the President himself calls it stupid, I guarantee you that I would in no way feel like the President was insulting me personally. Because that would be crazy.