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I’m pretty pleased, yes. It’s been a pain for me personally, and has required much greater work and sacrifice by others, but I think the results are worth it.
Anyway, here’s the Premier’s statement., with the first section below.

Three months ago, Victoria had 4293 active cases. Today we have one.
It’s an incredible achievement. And the clearest evidence there is of our determination to not only get on top of this virus – but to squash it.
Back then, the goal – the hope – was something a little more ‘normal’ for Christmas.
Today, because of the efforts of every Victorian, that’s exactly what we’ve been able to achieve.

I’m certainly not going to tout the US numbers as anything positive, but I don’t think this is likely to be a fair comparison. India has, to date, administered fewer total tests than the US, and has about 1/5 the number of tests per million population, according to I think we would probably have to compare excess deaths for a fair comparison.

No; we don’t. I wasn’t making an argument.

They had to call in the National Guard.

58,494,754 total cases
1,386,570 dead
40,467,900 recovered

In the US:

12,450,666 total cases
261,790 dead
7,403,847 recovered

Yesterday’s numbers for comparison:

Who said you were making an argument?

Just FYI, according to Johns Hopkins, of the 20 countries most affected by COVID, the US is 8th in deaths per 100,000 population (both confirmed cases and healthy people). India is 20th.

Per “observed case fatality ratio,” the US drops to 14th, and India moves up one slot, to 19th.

That’s still based on what’s reported. The numbers look sketchy though.

Thanks for the illuminating article. Your earlier comment made me curious. I was merely posting the best answer I found. I have to laugh at myself for not considering that if it were that simple, you’d have already done it. :woman_facepalming:

Well, the entire continent of Africa is doing better than the USA numbers wise. While there’s likely a bunch of testing/reporting problems, studies by the WHO seem to show they are indeed doing better. Nobody talks about replicating African policies though.

Oh, not at all. Snoboarder_Bo’s comparison made me curious, and after checking worldometers, it looked to me like there was reason to think that the counted cases were off by a bigger factor there than here,* so the numbers would not really be comparable. I posted about the worldometers numbers. Later, I looked for an excess death number, but it looks like they aren’t making the data available for researchers to calculate that. Your info is part of the picture, too.

*We know it’s off here, too. There’s ongoing research to try to figure out how many total cases each positive test result represents. It seems like it’s likely to be a much bigger number in India because there are so few tests.

A doctor in Arizona just arrived on shit and tweets that he was told there are NO MORE ICU BEDS in the entire state.

I hope that was meant to be “on shift.” (Not to make light of the situation, which is not good in the slightest.)

But, but, but…according to our elected leaders and most of the people out here, COVID is a hoax and masks don’t work.

I know, all of those patients were bused in from other states, right?

My mother cannot live alone anymore. She is flying out here tomorrow. We have been quarantining, as has she. She will be using a mask and shield on the plane and will wipe all surfaces down before she sits down. The only other options for getting her here from Idaho are not good either. I know that she shouldn’t be traveling, but her only other plan if she stays in Idaho is to go into assisted living which is pretty much a death sentence.

I am beyond worried about this.

That was probably a typo, she probably meant “A doctor in Arizona just arrived in shit.” cause that’s the storm those folks are dealing with.


Shanghai Pudong Airport starts testing all staff after COVID-19 cases discovered

Shanghai Pudong Airport started on Sunday night testing all staff after the airport found several cargo handlers and close contacts tested positive for the coronavirus over the past several days.
Meanwhile, flights into Shanghai were largely cancelled on Sunday night. As of 11pm, 277 flights had been cancelled, according to figures compiled by airline data tracker VariFlight app. A video posted online shows the road to the airport was severely congested.

Here is a tweet with video from the airport.

My mom currently lives in AZ. Because of medical issues, she’s moving back to the East Coast to a senior residential community near my brother. He’s going out to get her, and they’re flying back the week before the Inauguration, probably into Dulles. They’ll be flying first class, so fewer people next to them (just each other), but even so, I’m very worried about both of them. Especially since they’ll be flying United, which, like most of the other airlines, has been packing people in again.

I’m starting to wonder when the US will be asking to send cases across the borders to countries with more room… :frowning: Not that Canada is doing very well at the moment either. The Greater Toronto Area has gone into lockdown.

I’m glad my workplace has taken this seriously from the beginning. Masks, sanitise workstations before and after shift, staggered shifts to reduce crowding in common areas, barriers and spacing in common areas. (I work in an auto parts factory.) When I am out around town, everyone seems to be wearing masks and washing hands.

We have to take our temperature before going to work each day, and there’s an app with questions we answer to get permission to come in. I know people who have been off four times in the past few months because of suspected covid exposure (turned out to be negative each time), and the employee newsletter mentioned an absenteeism rate of 10% because of what we are now calling ‘covid leave’.

Last week we got our own on-site rapid-response test centre (15-min to 1-hour turnaround; you wait in your car). If we test positive there we don’t come in and we go and get a regular test at the clinic.

Luckily, I haven’t had so much as a sniffle… all the masking and handwashing seems to have cut down the regular illnesses even.

I’m sorry for your mother’s health issues, while there is never a good time for loved ones to have health issues, this is a really sucky time.

Mom is flying Southwest and has been assured that the middle seat is blocked off. I wish I had thought to buy her a first class ticket, but I can’t upgrade now and changing plans now could mean she can’t come later. Its only a 2 hour flight and I’m really not that concerned about the plane trip itself. Its the airports. I arranged for her to have help getting to the plane and back off, but we aren’t sure about the baggage. Mom says she will have small bills for tips, so hopefully she will be able to find a porter if needed.

So, where’s your mom live? If she’s in my area, I can drag her trash can to the curb for her.