Coronavirus general discussion and chit-chat

I suspect the vaccine reduces their viral load in shorter time, so I think they’d be less of a risk. (?)

Another crazy nut who shoots a store cashier about wearing masks:

“Another crazy nut murderer who shoots a store cashier about wearing masks:”

My husband seems to have been exposed to covid within a couple of days (one way or the other) of getting his first dose of vaccine. In fact, the odds are decent he picked it up at the vaccination site, since that and the red cross (where he gave blood the previous day) were pretty much his only exposure to the outside world.

He had no symptoms. The only evidence he was exposed is the antibody tests the Red Cross does. They test for antibodies to the spike protein (which you’d get either from infection or from vaccination) but separately test for antibodies to the “shell” of the virus. You only develop those if you were exposed to the virus. And he tested positive.

He gives platelets every two weeks, and he turned positive two weeks (minus a day) after his vaccination. Despite being fully vaccinated, I was alarmed enough by this that I tested myself for antigens before going out to see friends, and tested negative. (I also tested “no recent exposure” in my own antibody test a day or two later.) So I’m pretty sure he didn’t catch it from me, nor did he give it to me.

So… maybe being vaccinated at the same time made a difference? Or maybe it was a false positive. But two weeks later, he was still positive.

Interesting. So maybe he was exposed to a small dose of the virus (as demonstrated by anti-N antibodies), but between that and his vaccination, he was never technically infected.

Things are starting to go back to normal around here, kind of. I booked travel plans for us to fly across the country to see my in-laws. (Obviously my wife hasn’t seen her family in well over a year.) Then I bought tickets for no less than three live concerts coming this fall and winter to our area.

We’re gradually getting out and about. We’ve been having one meal inside at a restaurant per week. We do have restaurant food now and then the rest of the week, too, but it’s takeout or maybe sitting outside if it’s not crowded.

Yesterday we sat inside at a brilliant middle eastern restaurant for lamb shish kebab and rice. Wow, did that ever taste good. I’m sick of my own attempts at various ethnic cuisines. I can come up with a pretty good rendition, but there’s nothing like the real McCoy.

Maybe next weekend we’ll actually go to a mall for a stroll and to visit the Apple store.

I’ve gone back to walking at my local mall. Before the pandemic, they opened for walkers at 7:30 am. It was perfect. Only a handful of people, climate-controlled, no traffic, curbs, bugs, dogs, tree branches, uneven sidewalks, and always the perfect temperature, especially in deep summertime when outside it’s 78-80 degrees (with 90% humidity) at 6:00 am.

Unfortunately, now they don’t unlock the doors until 9:45 am, and the stores open at noon, so there are already quite a few people there even by 10 am. Still, I can get in 45 minutes before it becomes (to me) uncomfortably crowded. I usually wear my mask. I’m not in anyone’s presence for more than a few seconds and I don’t touch anything (except one handrail on some stairs).

LOTS of stores have gone belly-up since I stopped mall-walking in March 2020.

We had a party today. I invited a lot of vaccinated friends, and we hung out on the patio. It was the first time I’d seen most of them in more than a year. It was great!

We went out to the pub for lunch today with friends. There were 4 front of house staff (working the bar and serving) on duty. The staff are required by law to mask. We had: mask not covering nose; mask not covering nose; mask not covering nose or mouth; and no mask at all.

Today, by the way, the UK recorded it’s highest number of COVID cases for 4 months.

Just sayin’.