Cosmetic Surgery = better chance at getting a job???

This article states that many people are getting cosmetic surgery in order to help them keep their jobs or get new ones. The opinion that seems to be expressed is that if people look younger and more beautiful, they are more likely to get the jobs.

So what do you think? Is cosmetic surgery really necessessary for some of the jobs out there (supermodel and other jobs with beauty as a job requirement excluded)? Would someone with the surgery have a better chance of getting the job than someone without it?

It could be surgery to make people look younger. Having watched my 50ish mum try and fail to get back into the workplace since no-one wanted to hire a 50 year old I can see people getting frustrated and going under the knife. Not everyone can go into business for themselves.

In my psychology class, the professor told us that the best job investment a woman can make is breat implants. He wasn’t endorsing them or anything, he was just telling us how obsessed our society is with appearances. Of course, that would also depend on the employer. I doubt a female boss would care about a potential employee’s chest size, but a shallow male might (note the word “shallow” - not all males are like that). As for me, I’m already at a disadvantage. I’m female, abnormally short (4 foot 8 or 9), and overweight. People judge me by my size all the time, and there’s nothing I can do about it. But that’s all right - I have terrible social skills, and I have no intention of getting a job where I’ll have to work with the public a lot. I’m still in college, but I’ll be competing for jobs in the next few years. Let’s see who discriminates against me.

Well, instead of the implants I guess someone could just use padding or other methods to appear larger. Who would know, unless the boss started a hands on approach. A sad commentary.

Well, a better appearance does lead to a greater chance of being hired. I don’t think anyone would argue with that. But what constitutes “better” is very much open to opinion.

Cosmetic surgery is absolutely not necessary, but if someone had a major appearance flaw, getting it fixed could help. IMHO, most surgery designed to make people look “younger” just makes them look freaky. But fixing something like eye bags or a saggy neck could lend a more youthful appearance, or just a better appearance, and that could help.

(I’m coming off as an advocate of plastic surgery. I’m not.)