Could a ping pong ball in the gas tank cause the car to stall?

I am sorely in need of a time machine.

These types of dangerous or sabotaging effects are sometimes intentionally portrayed incorrectly on T.V. For instance, with medical storylines, the idea is to be as accurate as possible when showing how to save a life or help in an emergency, but to be inaccurate when demonstrating (non-obvious) ways to harm or kill someone. Probably better to show an ineffective or impossible trick than to have a million kids stalling people’s cars for social media views.

The diagram on this page seems to back up the assertion the in-tank fuel feed is a lot more complex than a simple drain hole at the bottom of the tank.

Consumption of 32mpg would suggest that tot travel 1 mile you use 4 fl oz or half a cup. Even at highway speeds, sucking 1/2 cup of fluid every minute is not enough to pull down a floating ping-pong ball, even in gasoline 7/10 the density of water.

yes sorry, sand in the oil sump - or better yet, open the filler point on the valve cover if there is one, put it in there…