Could the Arizona Audit be a Means to an End?

Cyber Ninja ‘audit’ now under investigation by House Oversight & Reform Committee.

House Democrats probe Arizona election audit by Cyber Ninjas (

Do you really think so? :thinking:
I feel like the most likely options would be

a.) if their report does indeed say that, there would likely be further denial, and the Republican crowd would shun the results for some reason or another


b.) they would find an excuse to discard tons of votes or just straight-up lie.

Yeah, the concerns are that this is about stirring up doubt about the legitimacy of processes in urban areas (something you can actually find said out loud on right wing social media) so that Republican legislatures can more easily justify tossing those vote counts in future close elections.

Bit late to the party, but I wonder why you feel this way.

For one, @amarinth did not say that there would be overseas hackers who corrupt Cyber Ninja results, they said that the Cyber Ninjas would claim overseas hackers corrupted their results. So, the existence or non-existence of such entities does not relate at all to what @amarinth said, nor imply that anyone is denying reality.

Then there is the fact that, unlike Jewish Space Lasers, overseas hackers actually do exist. They commit various ransomware attacks against public, private, and government entities on a fairly regular basis. I question why you would find something that is based in actual fact to be lacking in credibility. It would actually not be all that unreasonable to believe that those at Cyber Ninja have such poor system security for them to be exposed to such an attack, even if it’s just a general phishing attack, and not directed at them.

To make the accusation that you have made of the progressives on this board being the mirror opposite of those who perpetuate and believe the “big lie” because someone points out a very realistic potential strategy for continuing to continue this charade is pretty nonsensical, IMHO. The idea of them being smart enough or competent enough to think of and pull off this strategy would be all that I find questionable.

You started this thread claiming a giant conspiracy by the Republican moderates (if they even exist anymore) to convince the crazies into believing that the election was not stolen, but claim to have a lack of credibility that they would go so far as to lie about why they are unable to present results?

….Donald Trump will then thank them for their hard work and dedication, saying that all he ever wanted was for the American people to be confident in the election results. He will then graciously concede that he lost the election, and apologize to Joe Biden and the American people for any confusion he might have sown in his relentless push for honesty and truth, and our nation will be healed…….

Or else they will claim they found unspecified irregularities and, when pushed for specifics they will spin a tale about a ballot stained with pizza sauce that, after analysis, proved to be from a New York style pizza, lending evidence to the theory that radical left NY pizza deliverers drove cars full of ballots to Arizona……The next step of the investigation involves the interrogation all NYC pizza shop owners, using torture if necessary because democracy is so important, but of course the Democrats will object because they are trying to hide the truth….and even though they SAY they love democracy, they won’t agree to torture pizza shop owners because they’re hypocrites.

Or something else equally stupid, but they will NEVER reach a conclusion. This is straight from the Obama birth certificate playbook.

By now it’s probably superfluous to mention, but legitimate audits generally include a statement itemizing the processes the auditors took to validate the results of their examination. This is a standard and professional procedure that allows other professionals to evaluate the validity of the audit.

When asked to provide a similar statement detailing their audit procedures, CyberNinjas declined on the grounds of “trade secrets.” To a neutral observer, this should tell you all you need to know about the motivation.

Okay, I have a busy day so a quick response then off to meetings and delayed responses until later today. (I said quick not brief- I make no claim to being succinct.)

Isn’t it a shame that one of their lesser offenses seems to be their toleration of predators? My support and sympathies are with the women who were mistreated here, but compared to supporting the overthrow of democracy a few lewd managers is almost quaint. (It has been a while since I read the article and I recall it reporting people being uncomfortable- not molested. No amount of misconduct is acceptable in my view but inappropriate comments are an HR matter- not criminal which the entire audit business should be considered.)

And now the whole business might be considered … if not yet criminal, at least worthy of investigation.

Well I started this wondering if anyone else saw the opportunity they (the Republican elected officials that have to show loyalty to the former president just to survive) had to get out from under the big lie by letting the most rabid conspiracy theorists declare “No fraud”. I seem to be alone in this thought; I am not sure if I am nuts- or if everyone else is very short-sighted.

It does seem unlikely the gutless GOP officials would take advantage of the gift of not having to relive the 2020 election while preparing for the 2022 election cycle, but I wondered if anyone thought they were smart enough to do so. I then made another assertion that I 100% believe to be true, if roughly half of the MAGA crowd said there was no fraud- the other half would be on board within 48 hours. My experience is that they MUST be in the majority; they are herd animals to the core and once their herd switches direction they will also and honestly forget they ever believed otherwise.

Perhaps this is my opportunity to state that perhaps I have missed my calling. I might have been a brilliant comic book villain (or hero?) because when other men look at a situation and say Why? I look at the same situation and say Why not? I could not have been a Bobby Kennedy supporter however because I was quite conservative (and about eight years old) when he died.

Yes, I have always been able to grasp the conventional wisdom. I just woke up one day and said to myself: “What would be the most frightening thing the Republicans could do today to earn respect and reverse their downward spiral?” Then I further pondered, how could they start to appeal to MORE voters instead of FEWER voters as they have been trending for the last year? What would give them a chance beyond their ever dwindling base? It is clear no one else is concerned they will do anything forward thinking or intelligent, but I do maintain that doing as I suggest would be their best path forward.

And while I was typing more belittling posts are made:

What amarinth wrote was that they (Cyber Ninjas) should pay hackers to “compromise” their findings then take cover. His or her point is that Cyber Ninjas wants to, and should want to avoid giving any report ever. While it does seem in line with the more extreme lies some Republicans tell themselves, election officials and Senate presidents are not going to stand for this shit. They need to get reelected, they need to appeal to voters who are not Republicans - these are state wide (or at least very purple and gigantic county wide) elections.

And while overseas hackers have existed for some time, many of their more bold and recent actions happened after this post was made.

I started this thread asking, asking if anyone else thought it was possible. I believe now as I did then, that it would be the wisest long term strategy the GOP could possibly make. The GOP here in Arizona for sure because those of us who left are not going back to the same nonsense, but also across the whole country. Let Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz try to pick up the former guy’s base, Republican leadership needs to move on and look ahead. This would be an excellent way to do it because they can say: “Yea, we thought so too- but even CN couldn’t find what we thought was there, so let’s move on”.

Yes, the base would bellow and run in circles and shit on the rug at first. But if they continue to say that for a full week those bellowing and shitting on the rug will be a small minority pretty damn quick. (Have I mentioned these people have to walk in lock-step? Perhaps that is why you cannot see them changing direction but they do it all the time- they are like a herd, like a school of fish, like a whatever you call those (flocks?) of birds that seem to fly in formation all changing direction at once.

Well, I am mildly sorry I ruffled your feathers. If any Republican still listened to the guys from The Lincoln Project, this is exactly what they would be doing but they don’t- and they won’t (most likely). The poster did NOT point out a very realistic potential strategy, he made an absurd suggestion to mock the conspiracy theorists. For goodness sake man, un-bunch your panties. I am not offended that everyone thinks my idea was - more than unfounded (downright asinine is how I am reading some of the posts).

At any rate I don’t have time for anymore right now, I need to be in a dental chair soon and that might be the highlight of my day. Apologies for not taking the time to do even the briefest proofreading. Looking forward to many responses.

Okay could not resist comment on this now. (Now I understand why my ex-wife told me silence was my best friend.)

There is no doubt the gentleman you mention, the orange menace, will forever and with his dying breath make claims that are unsupportable. But the GOP existed before him and presumable would like to outlive him (despite their current behavior that demonstrates otherwise). It is easy to predict the behavior of these cretins now, but sometime soon they are going to have to stop running toward the cliff.

Ah, finally I have hit upon the proper metaphor! All remaining registered Republicans are lemmings, point conceded. But if someone who does not wish to die could divert them into running in a different direction . . . .

They will still be lemmings, but they will be live lemmings who can vote and go to rallies and fly flags, they just need a different figurehead to emulate. (Yes, yes, Mr. 45 is unique- no one fires up the uninformed like he does.) I boldly predict that before 2024 that man will be vilified by the entire republican party and he will be the loser who cost them 2020, and, and, and.

Honestly, I hope McConnell and that man continue to battle and sacrifice even more elections and candidates, and political capital strangling each other. But at some point that party is likely to find one adult who can put them back into forward motion. If that adult exists, I believe using Cyber Ninjas to stop looking backward would be a great move forward.

And that pizza sauce was CLEARLY Chicago style as was the crumbs found near it! Conflicting conclusions are no problem for these folks- hell, they may prefer them. The conclusion would just be a tool to dump the other tool, the human (sort of) one. And like the birth certificate it can fade into memory . . . but when they are sitting around drinking and remembering the good old days, well they will tell you what REALLY happened!

I’m not too sure on that. If roughly half the MAGA crowd said there was no fraud, then the MAGA crowd would be cut down by roughly half.

And even if your assertion is true, then that still relies on flipping half of the MAGAs, a dubious proposition. Even if Cyber Ninjas came out and said everything was on the up and up, the MAGAs would just use that as proof that the Democrats corrupted them.

I am mildly sorry I ruffled your feathers.

Well, @amarinth did say that that would seem to be their most effective strategy, they didn’t really say that is what they should do. And it is a good point. If Cyber Ninjas come out and say that the election was tampered with, they open themselves up to lawsuits, if they say that it was not, then they become dismissed as untrustworthy by the MAGAs.

Blaming a third party and continuing on the conspiracy would be a reasonable strategy for them, one that gets them out of the difficult position they have found themselves in.

The whole point of this “audit” is to cast enough doubt on election integrity to allow the Republicans to pass laws that allow them to manipulate the results to their liking.

I’ll agree that their most recent actions have occurred after that post was made, as that’s what recent means.

They’ve been quite bold for years. The pipeline shutdown was a bit recent, but they’ve been going after plenty of other targets, including hospitals, police departments, and fortune 500 companies well before that post was made.

Yes, the title was a question. But the actual post was full of assumption and assertion, as well as your follow up posts defending your thesis.

I suppose we could use the rule of thumb that for any headline that asks a question the answer is “no.”

See, that would be an assertion, not a question. But no, the wisest long term strategy the GOP in general, including that in Arizona, could make, would be to do their best to prevent Democrats from voting. Using this “audit” as a means of casting doubt on election integrity is the door to enable this.

Yes, some would call that a stampede, and the last thing that the GOP wants is to be in front of that.

How do you think that you “ruffled my feathers”? I’m just pointing out that you have made assertions that are not really backed by fact.

As you point out, they don’t.

No, it really is a good suggestion to play into the paranoia that already exists in the MAGA crowd. What is absurd about it? It’s pretty believable, even I a a non-MAGA would think that it was entirely possible that someone from Cyber Ninja’s clicked on a phishing email link. Most MAGAs would believe that they were targeted by Democratic operatives, and it would give even more credence to the idea that the election was stolen and the evidence is being hidden, which works to the current GOP strategy of changing laws to disenfranchise Democrats.

That’s pretty absurd for you to say. Not only is it a pretty mysongistic turn of phrase, but it does not apply in the slightest here. I am simply pointing out flaws in your thesis, you’re the one who seems to be taking criticism of your assertions quite personally.

You do seem to be upset that people would disagree with you on your idea that the whole Cyber Ninja audit was actually a vast conspiracy conspired by the moderates that you find people pointing out the flaws in your idea, and present alternative possibilities to be asinine only shows that you are too invested to your thesis to give it a fair evaluation yourself.

Given the fact that many states are passing legislation to attempt to disenfranchise Democratic voters, it is much more reasonable to assume that the Republicans are doubling down on the idea of election fraud, not changing their ways and attempting to create policy that would appeal to a larger base.

It’s 1:30PM EDT. I don’t see any bombshells in the news yet. I’m on tenterhooks!

Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America


Big hearing in Arizona on the Forensic Audit at 1:00PM EDT. Watch on OAN!

The conclusion of the audit is pre-determined: that proof of fraud was uncovered. Said proof will never be presented. The Arizona legislature will use the same tactic in tossing votes in Maricopa County next year: too many “irregularities,” proof of which will never be offered.

Voting fraud lawsuits going 1-59 in courts after the last election has shown Republicans that they must use different tactics. Don’t go to court. Just do it. The Supreme Court will support your right to run elections as you please in red states.

The Arizona Audit is a means to an end: to fleece the rubes.

Everything (R) is now a last ditch effort to get the last dollar out. There is nothing more to it.

A Pennsylvania state legislator who is the chairman of the Senate Intergovernmental Operations Committee wants to perform an audit in Pennsylvania. He has “asked” three counties to turn over their voting information and machines. The state’s Secretary of State says that if any county complies, the state will not compensate them for any expenses involved, including buying new voting machines. The Senator says if the counties don’t voluntarily comply, he will subpoena them.

Two hours later and still nothing as far as I can tell. Admittedly I only check the WaPo and skimmed search results, but the best I could see was some right-wing site pre-judging the material by saying “The sudden nature of this hearing means it’s absolutely bombshell results!”

I took one for the team and looked at OANs website: Nothing there either. They know how to keep us on the edge of our seats!

Do you think they’ve checked local landscaping stores?

Oh, the right wing sites have a gish gallop of bullshit - something about absentee ballot requests……and exactly as I predicted, they’re saying the only way to resolve this grievous breach of trust is to go door to door and interrogate voters, which they’re never going to be allowed to do. I hope. But the endgame is that it never ends, if they can’t intimidate voters they’ll get all aggrieved because the Dems cancelled their audit.

But it seems to have had the effect of whipping up the “base” into a frenzy, and I’m sure Trump will jump back in.

I decided to start in the middle because, well what the hell? I will try again to clarify how I started where everyone else was- then I had a thought that frightened me. What if those simple minded predictable Republican leaders do something smart and quit shooting themselves in the foot like they are doing a far too realistic Barney Fife impersonation?
In addition there is no reply from Ann_Hedonia and no remarks at all from ThelmaLou (speaking of Barney Fife). If I am going to go down in flames fighting a losing battle, can’t someone please come along and at least make it fun to do?

Wrong!! Erroneous!! [/Vince Vaughn voice]
I agree that might have been the purpose at the outset. Actually, I think they might have actually been hoping to find actual evidence of fraud when they cooked this up. But they do not need a fake audit to cast doubt; Georgia has already passed laws and Texas is about to once they can corral their elected officials and neither state had a “fraudit”.

I have never believed nor have I postulated that this whole business was a clever rouse to do anything. It was a half baked idea that made it seem like the AZ legislature was “doing something”. What I have been trying to sell since then is that after all the negative press it received, and all the money it is costing . . . that maybe they could call an audible and change tactics??

Sure it is easy to believe these are all brain dead conservatives appealing to the lowest common denominator - you know because that is how they have been acting since November. But if someone outside their tribe, or someone who used to be a member of their tribe suggested a way to cleanse the stain of looking backward at the big lie- they may recognize the value of the idea.

As Tom Hanks has shown us, The Dirty Dozen is a metaphor for everything in life. Do you remember during the war exercises when they had commandeered the ambulance? They were merrily driving to Col. Breed’s HQ and Donald Sutherland got the big idea to pitch George Kennedy off the running board? It wasn’t planned, they just found themselves in an organically developing situation where they got to stick it to the upper ranks, right? I am not saying, and I never was trying to say this was some long con- some Republican strategy. I am saying that after things went to hell (which was the first day wasn’t it? Didn’t something fundamental go wrong from the start?) and every news organization in the nation and world (excluding OAN) made fun of them, that they might not try to back track and find a way to make lemonade out of bitter citrus? I never thought they launched the whole audit to find nothing, how stupid would that be? I have always been saying that after weeks or a month and they had to suspend work for high school graduations and it made the whole state look like fools – they might have decided to get something positive out of the circus.

In summary of point number one- one need not go to the expense and humiliation of a state ordered spectacle of a discredited audit to change laws or reject slates of electors.

Okay, now it is getting fun!
I might be able to point you toward landscaping firms that have porn shops nearby. That does seem to be the preferred type of location.

Okay, point number two: Trump is NEVER going to forget, or forgive, or move on, or drop it! Never said it, never claimed it was true, never even thought it was a possibility. But I do think at some point in the not too distant future the MAGA horde will consist of Trump himself and a thousand or fewer wahoos spread across the rural landscapes of Ignoranceville U.S.A. (Perhaps Ignorancedale U.S.A.) And that is the last time I intend to dignify that man by using his name.

Yes, yes, yes. This was a farce perpetrated by dunces at the behest of clowns for the sake of the willfully ignorant. I do not now- nor have I ever endorsed this “audit” titled con job as anything other than a partisan stunt. It holds no merit, it had no integrity in any way, shape, or form at any point. But now that it has happened, what if they actually find a way to get something for their money? STOP! Hold it right there. Don’t try to think about the likelihood of them doing something unexpected, or of them being able to pull it off. Just think what you would do if someone brought you into this situation as a consultant at the very end of the audit. You might just stop pushing against the pile of lies, step aside and let its own weight take it down. Instead of suggesting fraud as everyone expects- find - - - nothing and drop the big lie (that is their biggest burden- as well as their biggest rallying point).

Honestly, you have no more imagination than ‘they’ do.
Can we agree that those who are still MAGA Republicans will believe - less than ideally vetted concepts? The ones I am surrounded by, will buy into some pretty demonstrably false shit. Do you know what else I have observed about them? They don’t like to think for themselves; they are more than happy to let Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson decide what is important to them. My point is none of them will EVER stand alone, none will fight for their beliefs against the crowd. They all want to be the crowd, they are the crowd and if the rest of the crowd says something they don’t like they will either take their ball and bat and go home- or they will change their whole point of view to stay in their friends good graces (and they are not going home alone while the others are out chanting).

They will curse and fight the libtards with all their might, but they will never contradict their own. Not once, not for one minute!

They would have turned on . . . the former president on January seventh if Kev McCarthy and Lindsey Graham and others had held their ground. But McCarthy needed donor lists and graham shit his pants when confronted in an airport and all of them reversed course. Hawley and Gosar Jordan, who else? Greene, Gaetz, Cruz, all those are never going to say one cross word about T . . that guy. But many, many others could stand their ground, take the charge, get the call, and win on defense.

It would take a while, maybe a week of saying the same thing and not backing down. But once the first MAGA quietly chanted “no fraud found, no fraud found” the rest would be singing the same tune by the end of the afternoon. As I stated earlier, none of them think for themselves anyway. As long as they are one of the crowd chanting it doesn’t matter much what they are chanting.

Example for point number three:
Have you ever been to the kind of church that sings spirituals and worship songs rather than hymns? I used to run around with these guys who performed in these churches (in one particular denomination). Because I owned a car, I was often invited to attend their performances and drive them and their instruments to various churches. They were the kind of churches where silence was not golden, audience participation was welcomed.

We were once sitting in a pew singing along before the service was in full swing. The one guy elbowed me and whispered watch this, then he clapped once. On the next beat everyone in the building was clapping. Because they were musicians, they would fuck with the other performers. If everyone was happily clapping on two and four as is pleasing to God - - - they would start to clap on one and three. It never took more than one measure to completely lead them in a whole new direction. Some churches were more pliable than others, but these guys could easily lead them right where they wanted them in almost no time at all.

The moral of that story is that you only have to convert the first guy. The others will join right in or go home and never come back.

At first the crowd will resist, absolutely. But you have three or five well known MAGAs down front saying amen brother and the whole crowd will join in. (And if half of them never show up again how does that hurt us? But they will show up because where else can they wear their shirts and hats and wave their flags?)

Hey, it was very nice of you to bullet point all my remarks and point out exactly where I am completely wrong! Sure it puts my panties into a bunch, but at least I don’t get the vapors! Please forgive me if I do not comment on your every word.

I agree, it would be a reasonable strategy. The one I suggest is better I believe, because I doubt anyone is going to doubt these yahoos after all the shitty press they generated, all the derision and scorn from the left. I have no doubt your suggestion (and that of amarinth) is close to the original plan when they started the “audit”

Already addressed, but this thread was never about the original point of the “audit”. You have made it pretty clear you do not believe the alternative strategy will be even tried, and you don’t seem to believe it would work if it was tried.

This is a side argument over a proposed hypothetical. This is arguing for the sake of arguing-- I am far more interested in the original question.

I believe you have misunderstood my meaning from the beginning. Not saying it is your fault, I probably didn’t convey what I was meaning very well- but we are definitely at odds over either nothing or a misreading.

I started with a question then went to some lengths to demonstrate how it could be possible. I had hoped that some would read the rationalization for why or how the Republican Party (not the MAGAs) might want to go that way, then consider the question on its own merits. I though some might say it would work but they would never try it, I thought some would say it could never work even if they did try it. I even thought a few might believe as I do it would be a nifty way to get out of the hole they keep digging for themselves. What I never did guess would happen is that everyone would agree with the Republicans that the only way forward was voter suppression.

I did defend the idea – hell I think it is a good one even if no one else does. It is not impossible for me to imagine myself playing the other side if everyone had agreed with the idea. Since it was just me over there I gave it a full throated defense. Still didn’t get any takers.

That would be my opinion- stated as such. I did not state as a fact that the best thing they could do would be to follow my advice. I said what I believe to be true and made sure it stated as an opinion.

THAT is an assertion. I realize it is your opinion, but it is stated as a fact. (You may apologize when you realize the difference, I will not be holding my breath.) What is more, it is the exact same strategy the MAGAs and the entire GOP has come up with. Doesn’t that give you reason to pause? Are you agreeing with the Republican Party, is that really the best they can do? Dude agree with me, don’t agree with me but are you really in THAT camp??? Do you endorse what the Republicans are doing? It sounds like you believe it is their best strategy.

Are you asserting this as fact, or is this your opinion? Okay, I want to stop quibbling over nonsense.
My opinion is that this “audit” is a waste of time and money further divides a nation that is open to outside intervention as you pointed out when referring to cyber attacks we have suffered. They don’t need this audit to cast doubt – a huge number, a very YYYOUGGGEE number of people think the 2020 election was not secure. This “audit” does not and will not enable SHIT!! That is both my opinion and I feel safe in saying it is also fact, baby! The doubt existed before the “audit” was launched and once completed it will not change anyone’s view.

It is bad for both sides, it is bad for the whole (if a whole nation still exists at all- maybe we are just two half nations cohabiting one land). My original point was what if someone (from the right- but if you have an idea for how the left can leverage this turd into something I am all ears) tries to rise from the ashes here and be better than before. It is after all taking place in downtown PHOENIX, I wish you would spend a fraction of the time addressing the possibility I suggested as you do trying to prove me wrong.

Well, I suggested you were the mirror image of the MAGAs, or at least I suggested that others who you identify with are a mirror image. You sounded rather miffed, did I misread the situation?

If I did, I would upon reflection say that you are similar enough in your views that a mirror image is not required. Your opinion on how the GOP should proceed seems perfectly in line with the path they themselves prefer. (See above- and upon edit, below also.)

It seems to me that when I state my opinions they are assertions and not based in fact, but when you state your opinions they are fact by their nature. It has been kinda fun to make fun of some of these comments, both yours and mine. But I don’t think anyone else is getting anything out of this and as fun as it is I don’t have the time to sit around and blow spit bubbles even if you do (which I sincerely doubt). I obviously upset you and if I offended you I do apologize, that was never the intention. You and I obviously disagree, but that doesn’t mean we need to be at odds. I know I have a manner of proceeding that can be off putting, no offense is meant and I do believe you are making personal attacks over being frustrated. Would it be possible to call a truce and discuss the idea, the concept and not each other’s view of the matter?

Here again you are stating your opinion as fact, but I realize you have an opinion you care about and I can respect that and disagree with the opinion.

If after spending months and months and running up millions of dollars in costs (if not in billable hours), if they come through with some dog ate my homework bullshit excuse they WILL go to jail until they pay back . . . some small portion of that investment. That is not even to mention they are a CYBER SECURITY business!!! If they get hacked it just proves they are incapable assholes who should have never been hired in the first place – which we already know!

Are you sure you are not a MAGA Republican? Because the shit you say seems as steeped in conspiracy Theory as anything I allow myself to be subjected to from those guys.

I read his (or her) post as a farcical thing a right wing, Q believer would post. You know as a joke, an over the top example of how craze this shit gets. If you really think it is a good idea I have another opinion-- I opine you my friend are playing for the wrong team. They would love you over there!! (I know I used to be one, but I couldn’t take it.)

Quite disappointed NO ONE found any merit in the idea. Also disappointed you have misunderstood it from the beginning. I suggest if you want to point out flaws you try understanding it first. The concept was never that it was all a big illusion, only that once it went very sideways there was a way for the right to use it for something good. I did say there were some Republicans who were planning to bash it from the moment it started (even some involved), but the idea is that the GOP could cut their losses by NOW saying no fraud.

Yes, launching the whole thing just to debunk it later is absurd, that was never the idea. If you understand that now, try reading the concept from that point of view and see if it makes more sense

Sorry, no offense intended to little girls. Again, I think you misunderstood the thesis. I never meant the entire thing was launched just to fail. I suggest that if it does reveal no fraud the right can use that to get away from looking backward. I think SOME Republicans who were embarrassed to be involved once the thing started (Ken Bennett and perhaps others) wanted that from early on in the process, maybe the second week- for sure by the time it was supposed to be done but they had to pause for other events. The whole point is apparently moot now because what do you know-- they found a smoking gun (I have heard).

I would feel better if people (specifically YOU) knew what the concept was before you crapped all over it. You did not even read that quote correct. I said that some posts found my idea at least unfounded or asinine – not that the criticisms were asinine. The idea might not have been correct, it might have been great, either way I am very sad that I was not able to relate it better so that even you could have understood it. Perhaps no one understood what I was suggesting, but since I understand what I was trying to relate – and you do not, I think it is fair to say I can evaluate at least as well as you can.

Exactly!! Other states are already doing this without a fake audit! There is no need to have an audit to suppress voters. Wow, do I wish you could understand. The Republican legislature launches this grand adventure with a sincere heart and hopes of finding fraud, but right away they are taking shit for the company they are using, the money it is costing, the circus environment that surrounded the entire dog and pony show. Now they are weeks in and everything is going poorly- this is where my idea comes in.

Here is the concept- they are days or weeks in and they can see they look like circus clowns. Their vendors look like circus clowns, the whole thing is costly and makes them look stupid - - - what to do, what to do?? How to salvage this mess- this three million dollar mess that was supposed to cost only $150,000!! So they say to themselves I know, no matter what let’s say no fraud, no stolen election and get the fuck away from the orange man!! It will be costly for a short while, but soon it will begin to pay dividends. We already paid for this turd and nobody is going to believe any results we publish. We don’t really need T … orange man here, we are losing registered voters by the day, let’s cut bait and run for the cabin.

I will grant you this-- the idea of launching the whole “audit” just to say “No stolen election” is absurd. Since that was never the thing, I want to be pissed at you because you have been a jerk, but I guess I did not explain the concept well enough up front. A least part of this misunderstanding might be in my original explanation of the concept.

If you understand the idea more fully and want to comment further I will welcome that. But if you are just going to criticize something I am not trying to present or support I would appreciate it if you would comment elsewhere.

I read your link, that place doesn’t even seem like it comes from reality. Is that the kind of place my neighbors and family get their news?

The Senate President is the least genuine person I have ever heard speak. Her “I just don’t understand” shtick is so disingenuous! She might as well say: “Would you please make a soundbite we could distort to stir up our base? That would be great, thanks hon.” She does not understand anything she does not like it seems.

Frankly, I am surprised they had the nerve to find anything so… um, verifiable.

Would be nice if Cyber Ninjas got too cute by half and got caught falsifying something. These names on voter rolls a month after the election that we not there during the election smacks of bullshit doesn’t it? Like if the county were going to alter the rolls, even months after the election they would add them for the wrong months. If they get called on the carpet, I would bet Cyber Ninjas will find the correct thumb drive before they have to appear.

It seems to be official, the Arizona Republicans are not going to use the farcical audit to tack away from the 45th president and his big stack of big lies. I was wrong, the concept proves to be false completely inaccurate. My guess is that they could find the body of Hugo Chavez in one of those machines and it will not produce one more MAGA voter than they had. Does anyone know of anyone who is still fence sitting at this point?

Otter: Tom Hanks?
Boon: Forget it. He’s rolling.

Arizona state Senator demands a new election as a result of the bogus audit results.

Well, we don’t seem to be steering out of the crazy do we? Wendy Rogers was a crackpot long before 2020 or even 2016. Back when there were a few sane Republicans still in the party a friend of mine was a candidate who tangled with her at a party function. But now she is the flavor of the season.

The very fact that she (and people like her) has a voice at all is why I am no longer a Republican. I still get the bat shit all over my clothes and shoes at family functions and church functions I want to attend, but I can avoid any LD 18, 24, or 26 nonsense otherwise.

Makes me wonder how long the crazy can go on before it self destructs. I guess the Dixiecrat’s held influence long after their time. There were segregationist Southern Senators well into what I consider modern times. How long did Andy Jackson’s supporters retain influence? I know nothing Fess Parker and Walt Disney did not teach me about ‘Ol’ Hickory’.