Could the President of the United States get a second job while in office?

I thought it was to prevent the President from raising his salary while in office. His salary can’t be increased or decreased during his time in office.

Why not?

Hmmm… y’know, give certain Presidential lawyers their due, I look at that text and I don’t see actual words that say the President may not receive anything from any another private person for any lawful purpose outside of or unrelated to his official duties.

The rules for all public officials and employees broadly cover at the least (each category has their own specifics, some stricter, some looser) that you are not to engage in any outside employment that interferes with fulfilling your duties or that creates a perceived conflict of interest, and you may not partake of a benefit that would not have come your way were you not holding that office (i.e. that could be perceived as trying to curry favor) nor accept any sort of gratuity for doing your job. But again, as we learned, the rulebook apparently leaves out the President.

I do not know.

Ex-presidents still have a Secret Service detail dedicated to their protection. I guess the Secret Service simply will not let them drive themselves anywhere (except on their private property where, presumably, the Secret Service has the whole place protected).

That refers to government salaries. “The United States” = the federal government; “or any of them” = each individual state.

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Really? Change that to “watching TV all day” and you’ve basically described trump’s presidency.

I would argue that this is evidence he must have been doing something right, as determined by the people pulling the strings. Like signing whatever was put in front of him, as suggested by @k9bfriender . It’s not like they couldn’t have got rid of him.

Congress can impeach and convict a president for anything whatsoever. As a political matter they may need to have more than watching too much TV but, as a legal matter, it is their prerogative to remove a president for any reason or no reason.

So, all that is needed is the political will but that has proven to be a near insurmountable hurdle as a practical matter.

Jill Biden is still teaching at Northern Virginia Community College. That’s considered a big deal for The First Lady.

There are several physicians in Congress. AFAIK none still practice Medicine.

I’d guess there are even more lawyers, and I’ll bet a few are still doing occasional lawyer work (besides drafting bills)

I’m sure it happens occasionally anyways, but they’re not allowed to do it for pay:

Under the Ethics Reform Act, Members and senior staff are prohibited from engaging in professions that provide services involving a fiduciary relationship, including the practice of law and the sale of insurance or real estate.

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This is an official warning for politics in FQ and for ignoring moderator instructions. As @Chronos said:

I would submit that we have ample history of a sitting President working a second job, that of a candidate for President. These two roles are entirely separate from one another. Certainly it’s not a salary paying job with an employer and a W-2 at the end of the year, but it is a separate job that takes them away from their duties as POTUS.

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King of the Netherlands other job is part time as a pilot for KLM he flies 737s . He did it before he was king too. Nobody noticed he was doing the job until he did an interview about it. He says had he not been king he would have been a full time pilot. Like a lot of kings/queens now he does not really have any political power.

A revealing example is that marrying Elizabeth (and becoming “Duke of Edinburgh”) did not do wonders for Prince Philip’s naval career, and that he knew it, knew he could not do both, and made a choice.