Countdown To Armageddon - Will North Korea Do It Just To Save Face?

He did get kind of lazy, towards the end . . . Could’ve started something with Iran . . .

I guess not.

I think the difference here was that South Korea made it very very clear that they would respond to force with force, and I suspect that China was probably telling NK that they’d get no support if they fired on SK during the exercises.

That and, well, the South Korean populace is getting so riled up by all this bullshit from North Korea that they’re growing very unlikely to support any aid to the North. Kill a few more soldiers and civilians and they probably wouldn’t get another grain of rice for years.

Caves are WW-II era defense tactics. If they were fired on they are gone.

In these days of GPS guided bombs and artillery shells, yeah.

North Korea blinked.

Wesley, I’m going to venture that your opinion ended up being more accurate, and that’s why NK stood down.

Of course, Bill Richardson’s visit may have something in it besides the published views. I’m betting he carried a message from the US straight from The Godfather: Richardson made them an offer they couldn’t refuse.

We’re seeing a very new dynamic in the situation. For roughly a decade, the US gave and gave and gave to North Korea while they extorted us for a stop to their nuclear program, and then nuked up. South Korea gave and gave and gave to North Korea while they extorted the south for a stop to their nuclear program and warmer relations, and then nuked up and continued to threaten the south.

Obviously paying the extortionistic demands didn’t work.
It appears that stating that, in no uncertain terms, they’ll defend themselves from NK aggression has given pause to some of the saner elements in the NK regime.

Nah. The evidence shows that the NK rocket attacks came from MRL batteries parked in dugout berms, and the counterbattery fire was off target by a bit and landed in an empty field.