Counter pad to drain your dishes on--why?

Brilliant! Where does one find such a thing? A paper towel holder on the side of my fridge, next to the counter would be a very good thing.

I am now the proud owner of a dish drying pad. :slight_smile: I guess I have to dirty some dishes so I can wash them.

I do see that in my tiny kitchen this could be helpful, as when I have dishes drying next to the sink there is no counter space left. But with my HDDDP (Handy-Dandy Dish Drying Pad), I can put the just-washed dishes elsewhere in the kitchen (or possibly out in the driveway on the hood of my car).

I bet they’d dry really well at the beach. While you’re holding a margarita… :smiley: you should take them there.

Can those dish pads be run through the laundry?

We keep our washed coffee cups and daily drinking glasses on a hand towel next to the sink. Since the kids are gone its just 2 coffee cups and 2 drinking glasses now. Lets them drain and we don’t like the rim directly touching the nasty counter. We put down a fresh one and launder the old towel each week.

Thats easier than digging through the Rubbermaid dish rack for a coffee cup that I use every morning.

Mine goes through the washer and dryer weekly without a problem.

I prefer it because it dries exponentially more quickly than a dish towel, which stays soggy for hours. Then I have to hang a soggy dish towel on the stove, or lay paper towels on the counter, which I hate. I like the look of it better than a plastic dishrack as well. It has a little hook on it so when the dishes are dry, pad and drying rack get hung up behind the sink, both are perfectly dry, nothing drips anywhere.

Mine looks exactly like this one and I think was about the same price:

The magnets are extremely strong.

I also have the same basic thing holding dishtowels on the front of the fridge.

I am not a biologist or an infectious disease specialist (and don’t play either one on TV), but I think wiping the counter off with a Lysol wipie before you put your glasses down renders it less nasty than a towel that lies there getting re-dampened every day for a week. Ewww. I say jump on the HDDDP Bandwagon! They had the pads at my local grocery store for $4.00.

Not mine. Most of our dishes go into the dishwasher, so a dish rack would be sitting there empty taking up space most of the time. The pads are used when I wash items that are either too big or too delicate for the dishwasher (which is less than once a week ). The pads absorb better than a dishtowel, dry faster than a dishtowel and go into the laundry when necessary.

I find the rubbermaid dish drainer set kind of ugly, and the mat underneath gets crusty and lime stained with this city’s hard water. I wanted to switch things up, and found this metal drainer with an absorbent pad quite acceptable. I tried dish towels, but am a lazy housekeeper, so found that leaving it under the drainer for more than a few days made it moldy from getting wet a couple times a day, doing dishes as I dirty them. The drying mat has never done that and I seriously only wash it every 6 months or so, since I don’t put my dishes directly on it. Plus, this setup is pushed all the way back to the wall, which I can’t do with a rubber mat that has to be lined up with the sink to drain.

I also have a countertop towel holder. It keeps the towels from getting wet or falling over sitting on the counter. I love the magnetic fridge holders but being an apartment dweller, my fridges have always been tucked in a corner with cabinetry around them, so just not a good spot most of the time, ends up in the way of cabinet doors. Tucked in a corner on the counter works best for me.

Since I’m a weirdo, I took a picture of what’s on that end of the counter for ya.

Being able to rip paper towels off the roll with one hand, which you can do with a paper towel holder, is huge. It’s also much faster than picking up the roll and tearing one off, partially because you don’t have to pick it up and partially because the end is positioned already at the right place. That difference isn’t a huge amount of time, but when you’ve got a spreading spill, it’s nice to have. Also, if your hands are dirty, you’re not getting the rest of the roll dirty by picking it up.

Try the paper towel holder, and you’ll never go back again.

I bought a decorative wood paper towel holder from Service Merchandise in the 80’s. Like this. It was mounted in a couple of my apartments and has been in my home’s kitchen since 1989. Works well. At least its not one of those fold up plastic towel holders. :wink:

We’ll pick up one of these absorbent dish pads next time we’re at Walmart. This thread has made me curious to try it.

I hate my dish rack. It’s just another place to store stuff because neither one of us empty it regularly. It’s a bit like living out of a suitcase. Just more clutter on the counter. I may get rid of it altogether. We have a dishwasher.

We have a wooden paper towel stand like this one, but it falls over sometimes because it doesn’t weigh enough. I like the magnetic one but I’d probably run into it all the time like I do the doorknobs. This thread makes me want a new one though.

Where did you get the paper towel holder? I want one and my life will be wonderful once I have one.

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