Counterfeiting the new U.S. currency

I’ve been getting money with crap scribbled in the white margin above the top. It says something about St. Lazarus and “write this on ten bills and good luck will befall you”. How widespread is this? I’ve run across three bills like this so far.

I’ve got one like that, only it says I “will be blesses with lots of money” if I rewrite the saying on ten one dollar bills.

Also have one with a website ( ) written on it and one with somebody’s phone number (no, I’m not posting the number :slight_smile: , but it’s a 773 (Chicago) AC) written on it.

“We’re gonna have lawyers here. It’ll be a fun time.”

The new bills all look the same to me. I’m still mixing up the 20’s, 50’s, and 100’s. Especially when I’m drunk and it’s dark in the bar.

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Yeah, bars. One time many years back in such a bar I pulled out a multiple dollar from a magic shop. It was one forth each, one, ten, five & twenty, so you would just fold it to whatever you wanted it to be. Well, I used it as a ten as a joke and the bartender didn’t notice, unfolded it, put it in the register and gave me my change for a $10.00.

A few minutes later, he noticed it in the drawer but couldn’t remember where he got it. Must be drinking on the job or something. I did have a real ten to give him, though.

I think the real question that should be asked about the new currency is, why did they have to make it all look so ugly? The first time I saw the new $100 bill I didnt believe it was real. Why did they blow up all the heads and make the whole thing look like Monopoly money?

<< Are merchants aware of all the bells and whistles that go along with the new bills? I think it would be pretty difficult to duplicate the watermark of the new bills, but what good will the watermark do if nobody looks for it? Ditto for the changing ink colors, and the “USA” lettering that can be seen by a magnifying glass. >>

Well, I was working retail (a bookstore) when the new bills came out/were slated to come out, and we got sent at least three big posters from the home office on how to spot the new bills, what they were supposed to look like, and every single security feature on 'em. Policy was whenever we got a new twenty/fifty, we were to hold it briefly up to the light to verify the watermark. We didn’t usually bother with the others, as watermarks are a pain in the ass to do :->

Just anecdotal evidence, but the posters were put out by the Treasury, and apparently bulk-mailed to all major retailers, across the country. We got ours about three months before the bills hit.