Country music by women

For someone closer to their age, there is 16-year-old country singer Courtney Stodden, who has been getting a lot of press recently. :wink:

Another vote for Loretta Lynn. If you want Country, then you want Loretta.

How 'bout Lucinda Williams ‘Car Wheels on a Gravel Road’. No relationship issues at all, but clearly country.

You might be thinking of something else, ‘The Rose’ wasn’t written by Dolly.

You’ve had some good Country suggestions. Loretta, of course. Most of The Carter Family lyrics were traditional or stolen from old hymns & parlor tunes & credited to A P Carter. But I seemed to remember that Mother Maybelle & Sarah wrote You Are My Flower. (Hey, maybe so!) Did the style echo the Mexican tunes they were hearing late in their career, as the Carters broadcast on border radio?

Let’s not leave out The Other Kind of Music–namely, Western. How about Patsy Montana’sI Want To Be A Cowboy’s Sweetheart? With the lyrics provided. (Or watch her sing it here.)

I second this one. I love this song.

Yet another thought. Since you want the students to analyze the lyrics, pick any of the songs from either of Nanci Griffith’s albums Other Voices, Other Rooms or Other Voices, Too (A Trip Back to Bountiful). Nanci Griffith chooses wonderful songs for her two albums of cover versions.

For example Wall of Death (from Other Voices, Too), written by Richard Thompson, would be a fun one for kids to talk about, using carnival sideshows/attractions as metaphors.

If you’re looking for songs that don’t center around a man, there’s always Chely Wright.

Well, except her back catalog.

Tammy Wynette.

Or for something a little different…
Dixie Chicks.

Suzy Boguss has, IMHO, one of the most beautiful voices ever. Her biggest commercial success was in the early 90’s, but she’s still a very talented and well-respected performer.

I would recommend the Jessica Andrews song, “Who I Am”



Really? I pounced on this because, you mentioned she’s close to their age group, but she sounds pretty awful to me. The first link on Youtube for her name was this and I kind of gave up on her at that point! :dubious:

The Man In Black, that last Jessica Andrews suggestion has all the production values (and bee close-up shots?!) kids these days fall for. My teacherly gut instinct tells me it’s going to get used. :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your suggestions, guys. They’re all going in a big Word document I’m forwarding to my friend later today. I have a feeling she’ll easily get a week’s worth of lessons out of the material here.

I had never heard of her, so clicked on that link; listened to about 30 seconds and left. Country that ain’t. Nowhere close. THAT, to my ears, a talentless little twit.

God, I feel old.

Here is Bonnie Raitt covering John Prine’s Angel from Montgomery:

I’ll leave it to you to decide how appropriate it is.

Since others have already mentioned the names near the top of my list, let me toss in a couple that may stretch the boundaries of “country” and may fall outside the parameters of the OP:

Shelby Lynne - Telephone


He was joking. He mentioned her cause in another thread here it was mentioned that she at 16 just married a 51 year old man. And a guy on TV who was talking about her misread her name Courtney as Country and thought she was a country singer.

Kool. That’s a song I like a lot.

Yes, sorry about that. It was a joke. More Courtney Stodden goodness in this Cafe Society thread.

Oh ha! And here I was on my high horse, mentally wrinkling my nose at your taste in music. :smiley:

Having listened to a whole bunch of the songs mentioned in this thread, I have to say that country music has seriously diversified from the somewhat yodel-ly form I’ve always associated with it. I have exactly one song from the genre in my music collection: Hank William’s ‘I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry’ which typifies the effect I’m talking about. I mean, the throat-drop thing is still there, but in a much more gentle, mellow manner.