is up and taking orders (site for free covid tests - program restarted dec 2022),)

Do these test if you have it NOW, or ever had it?

Is this a one-time offer, or will we be able to get additional tests monthly or quarterly?

Just ordered mine.

I don’t know about this offer specifically, but they link to what our insurance is supposed to cover, and it says

Your plan is required to provide reimbursement for 8 tests per month for each individual on the plan, regardless of whether the tests are bought all at once or at separate times throughout the month.

That would be nice if it were possible to find 8 tests for sale.

I believe the form should accept unit numbers only if they’re in established multi-unit buildings, because the USPS can confirm they’re valid addresses.

My house address is also the only mailing address for 2 adult daughters, so they can’t receive test kits because I’ve already signed up. We tried adding a unit number to my address, but USPS knows it’s a single-unit dwelling, so it was refused. Luckily I was able to use my work address for one of them.

Our local supermarket has had piles of them available many days. They limit you to 6/visit, but we’ve been by a few times so we stocked up.

AIUI, more or less if you have it now.

You can, however, have it now but test negative, if you’re not currently putting out enough virus for this particular type of test to pick up. One reason for sending multiple tests per kit is that if you think you need to run a test, you’re supposed to run two a couple of days or so apart, to increase the chances that it’ll show positive if you’ve actually got it.

I don’t think we know yet.

There’s supposed to be another rapid test coming out in a while that has fewer false negatives for omricon. I hope that at least when that does come out there’ll be another round, but I don’t know.

As near as I could tell with a few minutes’ research, the tests should keep for several months or longer (I think they’ll be dated), so having some on hand seems like a good idea even if you don’t need to be tested right now.

Medicare is apparently not covering the costs of tests, at least right now. Which is screwed up. Maybe it’ll change. Some people have both Medicare and Medicaid, and I think Medicaid might cover them, but am not sure. (Doesn’t apply to the 4-to-a-household ones, of course, which are free to start with.)

These are Rapid Antigen Tests, they show the presence of SARS-COV-2 virus. They are not antibody tests which show if you previously had Covid.

My husband just ordered the 4 for our household.

He was prompted by an online report from someone who went to order his - only to find “he” had already done so, but to a different address! ID thieves at work again, I guess.

Seriously? Is there anything too low for those assholes. How much of a bother was it for your husband to get it straightened out and how long is it going to take for him to deal with the verybadword ID thief.

How would that work? They’re apportioning the tests by address, and the only info you put in to order them is your name, address, and email. It’s not as if they’re asking for your SSN or any other unique identifier. It’d be pretty bizarre if they decided that because “John Smith” has already ordered his tests for 123 Fake Street in Yourtown, Statesylvania, that that means anyone else named John Smith must be the same person.

I need help.

I tried repeatedly to order. It keeps saying ‘we could not validate your address as complete’. I gave my first and last name, my apartment number, street address, state and zip code. I don’t know what to do.

That’s a good question. Since this tale is thirdhand (at least), I’m not sure. I’ll demand more details.

I don’t live in an apartment, but I’ve heard that there are issues with that. This is the beta site, I’m sure the issues are being looked at as we type. Others have mentioned that they have put their apartment number in the second address line, perhaps that might work?

It finally went through. I think the thing missing was the three letters APT before X 51 (not my actual apartment number)

Yes, I myself ordered a set for myself at my home address, and another for my daughters (but with my name on the order) to my work address. Lots of people have the same names.

I can’t imagine it’s 8 tests. From what I saw with the tests available in drugstores around here, tests in the $10 range were 1 test per box, and in the $20 range were 2 tests per box.

That’s the going rate for tests here, as well.

I ordered my 4 yesterday. My wife is currently feeling unwell but her Covid test came back negative. I suppose having the at-home tests will be nice but frankly if any of us are truly concerned we have the 'rona we’ll go in for a proper PCR test. We’ve done that several times over the oast 10 months. Especially if we’re positive we’ll want the paperwork to go along with it.

I have two rental mobile homes on my property that both use the same mailing address. One of my tenants has already ordered tests for my property so the rest of us are stuck for now. We all have our own rural mailboxes on the same post but all use the same address.

I have filled out the online .gov request for additional information by phone. I have received an email confirmation of my request.

Not exactly holding my breath to hear from them.