Creepy Experiences and Sights

It isn’t something I can really explain or put into words, but my probably most creepy experience involved being at Bachelor’s Grove. I don’t have any anecdotes or anything - it was just a general allover feeling - I got it everytime I was there or at the Woods.

I doubt it. How could it survive (or even get to) in the sewers of an urban area like Mexico City?

Well, at least one did. In Mexico. For twenty minutes.

Then it ran off and, hopefully, died.

Mine are gross. You should skip this.

I found a dead guy floating in the Mississippi. His name was Dennis. I found him on a Friday the 13th. He had jumped off a bridge 4 months prior, and that warm February day was just warm enough to allow for gasses to form. Dennis didn’t smell very good. It was the first time I had been to the river since my buddy died in it, driving drunk, 3 months earlier.

A drunken snowmobiler found himself on the receiving end of CPR by me and some of my friends. I was working the bag, and he was so messed up that I knew when his airway was partially blocked because a bloody mist would shoot out of the corner of his partially open right eye. We gave him CPR for forty-five minutes. More than long enough to make an impression. BTW, I am not a nurse.

I once volunteered to feed a coworker’s dog while he was out of town. He seemed like a normal-enough guy, but his house gave me the creeps.

Even though he and his wife were in their 20’s, everything in the house was OLD. Not in the “we like antiques” sense, and not even in the “we inherited all our furniture from my elderly aunt” sense. No, it was like an actual old person’s house. It had that smell. Lots of dusty knick-knacks. Lace doilies. Faded photographs in gilded frames. There was NOTHING to suggest that two young newlyweds lived there – no contemporary posters or magazines or videos or CDs.

Some of the details in the house were particularly creepy:

  • There was big four-poster bed in the middle of the living room. It was the sort of set-up you might have to take care of an elderly invalid. But I knew for certain that neither of them had any family in the area.

  • At the end of the back hallway they had a framed print of Vanity. I stopped going into the back part of the house after the second day.

  • But the thing that creeped me out the most was an old chair. It was child’s chair, just big enough for someone 4 or 5. It was crudely made and clearly had been used hard. Much of its paint was gone and it was scraped and gouged. This chair had a history and it wasn’t a happy one. My coworker and his wife had placed it in the corner of the living room FACING THE WALL. Like it was a punishment chair for a small child. Only they didn’t have any children … .

Rationally I knew that they just had horrible decorating sense (and I had an overactive imagination), but the whole vibe of the place was just so grim and negative. I was very, very glad when they came back in town and I turned over the keys.

When I was twelve years old, there was a terrible auto accident near my house. The whole neighborhood went out to watch the firemen using tools to try to extricate the victims from the wreckage. One body was brought out in several pieces. Although I’ve seen lots of gruesome stuff since then, I’ve never seen anything as horrific as that dismembered man being dragged from his mangled car.

I’ve mentioned this before on the boards, but it’s worth repeating.

My wife and I were having dinner with my parents. While we were eating, my father let out a yell and jumped as if he’d had an electric shock. He said he’d had a vision that someone who had been there had disappeared.

An hour later his brother called to tell him their father had just died.

When I was four or five, I noticed something in the night sky. I thought the world was ending. The whole sky, to the north was ablaze, with eldrich fire.
It was the Aurora Borealis

i used to get sleep paralysis a lot a few years ago, that was always creepy. especially the first time, when i woke up and couldn’t move, and had no idea what was going on. i thought i had broken my neck in my sleep or something.

more recently, in an anatomy class, we were looking at prosections of the head, one of which was essentially just a sliced off face. one of the arsehole guys in my class started playing frisbee with it. that was definitely gross and disturbing.

My dentist sent me to a fancy dental specialist in the fancy part of town to get a consult on some work. Outside this window facing the dentist chair was a tree. Someone had put a face on it with birdseed in it’s mouth. I told the tech I was going to need more Valium unless they closed the blinds, the thing was so creepy. She said there was mixed feelings about that tree-face, some thinking it cute, most leaning toward being creeped out, but she noticed no birds would eat that birdseed.
Doubtless they knew it was an evil Ent, just as I knew as soon as I saw it.
Not a Huron, an Ent, cast out of Fangorn.

Nothing creepy ever happens to me. At work. Anywhere.

Oh, sometimes somebody’ll come in to work like the guy who decided to commit suicide by putting a noose around his neck and jumping off his favorite bridge in the state park, and it worked, only his head came off. (Ten pounds, yes.) Or somebody’ll die and not be found for a few weeks and come in as a skeleton covered in maggots. Or somebody’ll go off a boat into the Bay and come in with the facial features consumed by crabs with a little crab still in the body bag.

But nothing creepy.

If anyone wants to seek out the creepy, several hours can be spent giving yourself the willies here. Amazing photographs of old morgues and mental institutions.

Have you ever seen a Corpse actually sit up suddenly? Can that really happen or is it an urban myth?


I don’t know if this counts as creepy or just plain weird. A couple of years ago in the middle of the afternoon, I was sitting in the living room reading a book to my son. We were the only people at home at the time. We both heard a loud knock at the backdoor-“Bam! Bam! Bam!” It wasn’t a normal sounding knock, this was a distinct, very loud pounding that shook the windows and made the back door rattle. I immediately got up and opened the door and saw no one. No one in the yard or driveway either. And both the dogs were dozing quietly in the backyard so obviously there’d been no one in the yard or they would have been raising a ruckus.

I went back inside and the phone rang. It was my mom telling me that my grandfather, who was hospitalized w/ end stage stomach cancer, had just taken a turn for the worse and wasn’t expected to make it through the day. He died the next day. Now, I can’t claim that the two events are related but it sure sent a shiver or two up my spine.

And here’s something creepy that happened just the other night. I got up in the middle of night and stumbled to the bathroom, half awake. When I was coming back out of the bathroom, I noticed something moving on the side of the clothes hamper. It was a HUGE black beetle-looking bug. It must have been 4 or 5 inches long. So what do I do? Instead of my normal reaction to a giant freakin’ bug, which would be screaming and running to find something to catch it or smash it with, I just walked past it and went back to bed. I remembered it the next morning and went to check but it was gone. So, I’m hoping that it was only a nightmarish product of my half-asleep brain and that there is not really a giant, mutant scary bug crawling around my house somewhere. :eek: Shudder

I have seen a police officer who sneaked into a body bag sit up suddenly.

Just to see how much of a rise he could get out of his fellow police officers.

No rise out of the female docs. We were laughing. Not creepy at all. The target police officer may just have wet his pants, though.

Does it happen any more? No. Yes in Edgar Allen Poe’s day, no in the latter half of the 20th century. The EEG and the concept of “brain death” have pretty much laid that one to rest, so to speak.

  1. I live in boystown in Chicago and I walked in on two young male lovers in an alley while taking a short cut (this time there IS something wrong with it…I dont wanna see ANYONE getting a bj)

  2. During some of my wilder days I saw a girl insert cocaine into her rectum (apparantly it absorbs really fast?)

  3. While walking to my car in the parking lot, a man jumped out from behind a dumpster and started masturbating in front of me. When I ran to the car he chased me, pants around his ankles and he was yelling at me to watch (TMI…he had the biggest balls I’ve ever seen)

  4. While working at a medical research lab, it was the SOUND of a vet cutting off a dead rats head with a pair of office scissors when we lost our little rat guillotine

  5. While attending Tulane, I saw numerous unusual and creepy things
    a) a police man walking a goat on two ropes one tied to each horn
    b) a homeless man presented a dead rat to me
    c) a woman wanted 20 dollars from me or she wanted to “whoop my ass with curses”
    d) The elevators on my floor (8th) of my apartment building open up while i’m waiting and out runs a big white chicken (i have pictures) which craps on the floor by my feet

  6. My sister found a DEAD BODY in her CAR after it had been parked at her high school all day. This was ten years ago though and I never saw it.

  7. When I was 16 I worked at an independent movie theater box office. There was this man there that worked projection and did carpenter work around the place as it was a really old building. He was probably close to 40. Anyways, there were several times I saw him driving behind me, but nashville is a small town and could be coincidental. But once he made my name out of this really thick wire and a blow torch and bent it to spell out my name. (he spelled it wrong…and its not a hard name) He also sent me a note saying he liked my black capri pants because he could tell how big my vagina was. Then finally I saw that in his mailbox in the office room he had magazine letters of my name cut out and pasted down on the bottom. (spelled right this time)

  8. Somehow my undergrad lab work led me to be in the room for a foot amputation. Blood went EVERYWHERE. all over me and everyone else. I threw up all over the floor.

  1. I was 16. Woke up one night with something cold on my face. It was a hand!! :eek: It took a moment for me to realize that is was my hand; my whole arm had fallen asleep and some how worked its way toward my head.

  2. In January there was a huge car accident in front of me on the interstate. It was worthy of Hollywood: spin out, car flipping over, several cars involved. I drove by a car that was resting on this collasped roof, glass and other debris all over the road. The whole time I was thinking,“I hope that’s not an arm. I hope that’s not an arm. I hope that’s not an arm. . .”

Creepy experience here, When I was a young teen my mom and I delivered newspapers. It was out in the country, one of those once a week free dealies with coupons and such, about 100 miles total and usually took most of the day.

Anyway, there was one week where we had some things come up and ended up finishing the route after dark. This dark colored car went past us, then about 5 minutes later went past again the other way. It did this a couple times and that was strange enough. The REALLY creepy part was when we went past this house with a half-circle driveway and the same car was sitting in the driveway with the lights off. Just as we went past it pulled out, flipped the lights on and started following us. Mom freaked out and punched the gas and started heading directly home and the car freaking followed us to within a quarter mile of our house. To this day I don’t know if it was some teens playing a prank, a psycho killer or what. Needless to say we changed the route so we were never on that same road after dark again.

I have a sketch version of this framed in my bathroom.
Lots of weird stuff happened my senior year in high school.
My family ended having a bunch of family and friends passing through town on one particular weekday and my folks asked if I could stay at a friends house that night to free up a bed for the guests. So I told them that the only place I could stay was at my girlfriend’s house… they grumbled but agreed. It ended up actually being okay with her folks and I could stay in their guest room.

Now my girlfriend’s house was very old and very creaky. If anyone was walking around the house you could hear them. They had a mid-sized dog that you could even hear walking around. She also swore that the house was haunted but no one really believed her.

So it gotta pretty late and her parents went to bed and we spent sometime making out in her room. Then I said ‘well, I better go to the guest room’… she said not to worry about it. So we were getting ready to go to sleep. The house was cold silent. Not even a creak.

I was taking off my shirt and facing the bed room door when I clear as day saw the door buckle and heard loud banging on the door. Three times, then nothing. No creaking. No nothing. After a moment I opened the door and looked… nothing.
My girlfriend just shrugged.

About a week ago, I was driving home on Rte 236 through Eliot, ME, at a certain point on the road were some state troopers and an ambulance in full alert mode…

there was something in the road, as I approached it, i saw it was a motorcycle lying on it’s side, a deep black skidmark from the rear tire behind it, in the breakdown lane on my side of the road was a Honda Accord, a woman was sitting in the car with her head in her hands, crying…

as I passed the motorcycle, I felt a chill run directly up my spine, it felt like I had driven over the rider’s grave…

today, one of my regular customers came in, we got to talking about motorcycling, and I relayed the above story to him…

he said he knew the rider as an acquaintence, and he was killed in a motorvyvling accident last week on Rte 236, a car pulled out in front of him, killing him…

i had driven over the rider’s grave…

I haven’t had too many creepy experiences.

But a couple of years ago, I was surfing Snopes and came across the photos of a man who had been running from the police. He had jumped off the roof of a building, landed on a fence, and was neatly decapitated, leaving his head impaled at the top of the fence like a latter-day political opponent of Elizabeth I.

Besides being shocked by the plain old gruesomeness of the photo, for some reason this creeped me out no end. One second running and leaping, the next second - headless and dead. It took me days to stop thinking about it. Brrrrrrrr.