Crossword Clue Game

  1. Thing to twitch, or hitch
  2. Better twice up than under
  3. You might oppose this digit

When do I pick the winner?

By Monday.

Sorry, I want to change my first answer after reading earlier contributions. Thanks.

  1. Thing to twiddle, far from middle.

There were several really good ones, but I’m giving it to:

You’re up, Knowed_Out!

Because Winter has exceeded its bounds recently, let’s go with SEASON.

  1. Make good use of your thyme.
  2. One of a quartet, whose members have never met.
  3. The one of relentless mirth lengthens every year.
  1. The Mediterranean’s young male child?
  2. Pre or post
  3. Do this to taste
  1. Period for a sport
  2. When off- is cheaper
  3. To favor curry, for example
  1. Some TV series have one
  2. Zombies’ time?
  3. Strike up the bland?

groan… that was painful

These two are outstanding. They both use common expressions injected with puns. I wish both could win.

This time the winner is RivkahChaya.

Next up: MISS

  1. Manners’ title?
  2. It’s as good as a mile
  3. Before America or Saigon
  1. Strike, perhaps
  2. Young 1950s woman
  3. This Clue? Scarlet
  1. Tiaraed America or Universe
  2. Ole '62 race riot
  3. Alternative to hit
  1. Honorific for a little perfect female
  2. Results in a strike
  3. Fail to notice

Sorry I’m late.

FastDan wins for #1, but all three are worth mentioning! Good going!

I am ever so humble. Thank you.

Next up, RING.

  1. Giving this means either a call or proposal
  2. Rosie accoutrement
  3. Hat tossing location
  1. Squared circle
  2. Call up a Britisher?
  3. Contract of engagement