Crossword Clue Game

  1. Skin sopening?
  2. One of the aletes?

This one is tough!

This one is so weird, it wins.

Now that I think i through, my clue was backwards, the answer to my clue as presented would be spork.

Anywho…next word is SALT

  1. One of two agreements between US and USSR
  2. Slug bane
  3. Worthy earth component
  1. Cheryl James, of a Grammy-winning hip-hop group
  2. Popeye or Pappy
  3. Random bits of encryption?
  4. Edible rock
  1. Ionic assembly of cation and anion.
  2. Pretzel plaster?
  3. Last addition to “Fish and Chips and Vinegar.” (Vinegar. Vinegar.)
  1. Angelina Jolie turn
  2. It will do in a pinch
  3. Some is Kosher

Several very good clues. I’ll go with @pulykamell for:

Cheers. Next up: STREET

  1. Mr. Mason’s Della.
  2. Perpendicular to an avenue.
  3. One kind of smarts.
  1. Fourth card
  2. Abbreviated in a saintly way?
  3. State’s a great one
  1. One of many in San Francisco
  2. 221B Baker _____
  3. Walker or tacos
  1. Crooked Lombard
  2. Houston can be one
  3. Can be one-way
  1. Big Bird’s boulevard?
  2. Main vs. Wall?
  3. Single version of Springsteen Philly feature
  1. A type of smarts
  2. Outdoor urban venue
  3. Easy location

I’ll go with that . You’re up @panache45

Thanks. Let’s try:


  1. Clarinet, sax & guitar have one.
  2. Singing fish.
  3. One of four, at the barbershop.
  1. Something fishy?
  2. Not worth fretting about?
  3. Pro shop?
  1. English ale
  2. It’s all about this per Trainor
  3. Fish or guitar