Crossword Clue Game

  1. Wrestling’s bad guy
  2. Achilles’ soft spot
  3. End of a baguette

True, but Gladys still got tagged (twice):

  1. Spot’s spot?
  2. Darn it, knitters!
  3. The role of an irascible wrestler

As long as we’re on the topic (and let’s keep the game continuing) can somebody explain: I’m familiar with “Midnight Train to Georgia,” by Gladys Knight and the Pips, but in the piano books I played from as a kid, it was subtitled as “Midnight Plane to Houston.” Was there such a song as “Midnight Plane to Houston,” and if so, why was it changed?

“Midnight Plane to Houston” was the original version. Wiki say:

Cissy Houston recorded it as “Midnight Train to Georgia”; Knight recorded the same version shortly thereafter with greater success.

Great, thanks, @Gyrate. I always wondered about that song, given its subtitle. Much appreciated, and again, thank you!

I need to play more piano. I kind of miss it.

  1. Under the head during love
  2. Command for dog to follow
  3. Part of Achilles that missed his bath
  1. Loaf leftover?
  2. Kitten or stiletto
  3. Greek’s weakness?
  4. Grocery cart spot of mishap
  5. What your head goes over when falling in love
  1. Toothache spot for Old Dan Tucker
  2. Unfeeling person, in old slang
  3. A flat doesn’t have one

Y’know, I’ve always wondered why it’s “head over heels” in love. Isn’t that they way things are normally supposed to be? Is this a saying that has some deeper meaning I’m not aware of?

At any rate, we’ll take:

as today’s winner.

Go for it, Gyrate!

Okay then. Um…

Have we done BOARD yet?

  1. Gathering of directors
  2. Word with surf or circuit
  3. Monopoly milieu
  1. Place for serving or enlisting in draft
  2. Boogie surface
  3. Course stiffness metric
  1. Chairman’s place
  2. Type of foot
  3. Diving apparatus
  4. Iron on?
  1. Surf or skate equipment
  2. Enter by gangplank, or the gangplank
  3. Examining group
  1. Get on the plane
  2. Directors’ group
  3. Conductor’s call
  1. 2 x 4
  2. Entrain
  3. Put up

Hmm…strongly tempted by “Boogie surface” but I’ll go with this double clue instead:

And back to you, SunUp.

Thanks, Gyrate! And, as a reminder, the words we’ve done before are in Word List for the Crossword Clue Game

So let’s try RULES.

This will probably be my last for a while as I’ll be on vacation next week.

  1. We don’t need no stinking ones
  2. They may be broken
  3. Uses an iron fist
  4. Before and after are
  5. No running!, is one example
  1. Games have them
  2. An umpire does this
  3. Pro wrestling writes them in pencil