Crossword Clue Game

  1. Refrain from
  2. It’s / on the scorecard
  3. Extra, as in cash or time
  1. Ten in two
  2. Show mercy, perhaps

Good stuff as usual. But my favorite is…

Roll on, @Wheelz

Thanks, FD!
Let’s go with


  1. With “the,” Goldberg vehicle
  2. Scenic vista
  3. Opinion
  1. With “master,” or “point.”
  2. Lucy’s room finally had one, in the end.
  3. You’ll trade it for better service on a flight, but not at dinner theater.
  1. Goes with Model and Controller
  2. Real estate plus
  3. Look over or an overlook
  1. Perspective
  2. Regard

Guess it’s time to put this one to bed. I’m giving it to

You’re up, @SunUp!

Thanks Wheelz!

All right, let’s do


  1. Three lefts
  2. GOP direction
  3. Some kind of stuff
  4. On or of way
  1. Free speech, for example
  2. Bachelorette’s Mister
  1. Item on a Bill?
  2. Prince of whales, perhaps?
  3. Freeway exit, often
  1. A clock, twice a day
  2. If you want it done this way, you have to do it yourself
  3. Lucky time for the place?
  4. Two wrongs, combined?

Everyone’s a winner… but for the next picker, we’re going with:

Go for it, Spoons!

Thanks, SunUp! Might as well keep the theme going with …


  1. Musial’s field
  2. As a verb, went home; as an adjective, didn’t

(Maybe I’m dense, but I didn’t get the “prince of whales” clue. Care to explain?)

  1. Both feet of a bad dancer
  2. Beginning of march?
  3. West on a map, usually
  4. Direction at Albuquerque?

Right whales are a species of whale:

The “prince” part comes from the fact that they are in second place to the blue whale in terms of body mass, just as a prince is second-in-line to a king. Put them together, and it’s a fun, punny clue.

Very clever!