Cuddles, Bill, Rocko or Buttons? (or Dan?)

I like Buttons, the little hedonist, but I gotta pick Cuddles just for his ability to go psycho and then feel ashamed about it, like when he punched the cop right out fo the tower. Well, unless he forgets what he’s done because of the programming he got from the Canadian army.

Since I have no idea who you’re talking about, I suppose I have little to add. Got an I.D. for us culturally challenged types?

Fair enough. The quintet are the primary cast of Puppets Who Kill, a charmingly profane and thoroughly bizarre Canadian cable-channel comedy about, wait for it, puppets who kill. The puppets interact with the human characters in a normal though occasionally homicidal fashion, as if The Muppet Show was fueled by cocaine abuse and violent rage (as Saturday Night Live has always been).

Rocko the dog, Buttons the bear, Cuddles the comfort-doll and Bill the ventriloquist dummy have been consigned to a halfway house, where their human social worker Dan Barlow (played by Dan Redican, formerly of “The Frantics”) tries valiantly to rehabilitate them, getting abuse and contempt for his trouble.

A laugh-riot for the whole family, assuming everyone in the family is over 18.

Dan and Cuddles are the only two on the show you could turn your back on. Unless Cuddles is still being a turd sculptor, in which case…you probably can’t turn your back on him, either.

Well…OK, Buttons you could as long as your girlfriend wasn’t on that side.