Cuomo might be in some trouble [has resigned]

Here’s an article from PBS that discusses my point.

  • Amna Nawaz:

It’s worth reminding people, early in the pandemic, New York was the nation’s epicenter when it came to the pandemic. We saw again and again hospitals overwhelmed, health care workers overwhelmed.

And Governor Cuomo was held up as sort of a pandemic hero. He held those daily briefings that got a lot of attention. He was hailed for his response back then. He wrote a book about it.

What do these revelations now — what kind of impact do they have on all that?

  • Jesse McKinley:

Well, I will tell you, as someone who was at most of their briefings early on, he was getting an enormously great reviews from a lot of people, saying that he was handling the situation in a way that the federal administration was not, that he was being forthright, that he was being honest, that he was following the data, that he was following the science, …

Now, however, with these revelations, that sort of no-nonsense, straight shooter kind of political brand that he had built up through this — the early stages of the pandemic, that’s really taken a hit, because, at its core, what we were — have been looking at is a government, a state government, that was not willing to be straight with the people who elected it or the people that cover it, like myself, or the — or its lawmakers, by telling them the truth about how many people died in these homes.

So IMO the lie will, by default, require investigations into the decisions made. The people who lost loves ones in nursing homes are gong to outnumber the women accusing the Governor of improprieties.

False dichotomy: it’s possible both for Cuomo to have made bad decisions early in the pandemic, and for many of the critics of his bad decisions to be trying to exaggerate his missteps for political motives.

That’s all distinct from the criticism of the lying, bullying, and sexual harassment, none of which has any possible excuse.

I have to agree with you that it’s venturing off the path but it was push-back against terms like “you know who” that fall into the same category. I also see the op bringing in other politicians into the mix. I will endeavor to keep it focused on Governor Cuomo and invite same.

Also, as if often the case in political discussions, there is an emotional aspect that comes out in responses. It’s inevitable that people see someone from their “team” take a hit and feel it’s a hit against the whole team. there are a number of responses in this thread that are purely political shots without any input whatsoever and fall into this emotional quagmire.

I agree the lying and bullying , sexual harassment and political harassment are distinct from bad decisions made. I don’t see criticism of his decisions as politically driven. There are a lot of people with dead loved ones in NY that are going to want answers about his nursing home decision. The same decision he eventually rescinded in May. It’s going to be a “what did he know and when did he know it” scenario in light of his apparent coverup.

(bolding is mine)

Thanks for proving my point. They are pissed at him for the lie, not for putting people back into the nursing homes. I really appreciate you citing this against your own argument – it takes a big man, not to just admit he’s wrong, but to prove it to the people he’s arguing with. I’m impressed!

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Kamala Harris is apparently calling for Cuomo to step down. I’d provide a cite, but I’m on the road.

^ This.

Some of the pile-on of Cuomo is 100% bad faith—for example, ALL of it from people who gave Donald Trump a free pass for the several credible accusations of actual assaults committed by him, not to mention the innumerable instances of malfeasance in the non-carrying-out of his duties.

And some of the pile-on of Cuomo is from people who WERE vocal about wanting to see Trump held accountable. They now want to see Cuomo held accountable. This is reasonable.

Of course some of the pile-on is from people who don’t care either way about either Democrats or Republicans harassing women or lying about state actions; these are the pure cynics, who have spotted some personal advantage or other in bringing down Cuomo.

All in all, no one has a credible case that criticism of Cuomo “means” any one thing. It means varying things to various people.

(What a nasty piece of work he does indeed appear to be; my guess is that the sooner he’s gone, the better for Democrats. But what will follow matters a lot, too.)

I don’t think you read the article I cited so I will use the same PBS source:

Now, keep in mind, more data has come out. Our publication and other publications will be looking very carefully at whether or not there was a spike as a result of that March 25 memo. And I think those reports will continue as the weeks — weeks to come.

So major media outlets will be looking at his nursing home decision and comparing it to the spike in deaths.

I’m not sure how the article proves your position that only the lies, sexual harassment, and career harassment are part of his troubles. I’ve cited a credible source that they are going to actively look at nursing home decision. It looks like they are all factors in his troubles.

Please provide a cite that Democrats are calling for him to step down because of his nursing home policy. Also, please provide a cite that the impeachment investigation is investigating that “scandal”, or that the AG investigation is looking into that. Thanks.

Back to the actual topic of this thread, both NY Senators (Schumer and Gillibrand) are calling for him to step down. He may as well step down at this point because any hopes he had for higher office are totally out the window.


Per the opening sentence of this thread, your very first words were about his handling and mis-reporting of covid deaths.

Now you want to eliminate how he handled the crisis as a criteria and are looking for quotes limited to this as a separate issue rather than as one of a number of reasons that are causing him trouble.

Your very first statement indicates you place his handling of covid as one of the reasons for his troubles.

Now you’re trying to narrow the scope of calls for his resignation to the single issue of covid deaths by Democratic leaders. I have never made such a claim. I agree with your first sentence that his handling of covid is part of his troubles.

With that said it’s not hard to find information that indicates it’s a problem for Cuomo (bolding mine):

— The Democratic leaders of the New York State Senate are moving to strip Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of unilateral emergency powers granted during the pandemic, setting up a remarkable rebuke for the governor from members of his own party.

The Senate’s measures, which could be voted on as soon as next week, underscore the deepening division between Mr. Cuomo and state lawmakers since the governor admitted to intentionally withholding critical data on virus-related deaths from the Legislature.

The moves came even as it emerged that the F.B.I. and the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York had opened an inquiry into the Cuomo administration’s handling of nursing homes during the pandemic.
… …
He was criticized early on for his nursing home policy which he himself rescinded. Lying about the numbers to protect himself just made any bad decision worse. It doesn’t negate or overshadow the bad decision.

Cuomo’s nursing home policy, while not perfect, probably saved a lot of lives on balance.

It was, however, wrong to cover up nursing home deaths.

Right, and @Saintly_Loser has explained very clearly why he did the best that he could given the information and resources he had, plus nothing I’ve read about what he’s in trouble for talks about the nursing home policy, just the lying about the number of nursing home deaths. So, I’ve learned things in this thread. I had fallen for the right-wing bullshit about the nursing home policy and I’ve since learned better.

Feel free to have the last word on this. I will no longer engage with you on the topic of his nursing home policy. That question has been really well answered in this thread.

Back to what’s on-topic for this thread, it looks to me that his sexual harassment is what’s really getting him in trouble – I hear much more about that from other Dems than the lying about the deaths or bullying that Assemblyman. The NY Times has an article about how Al Franken’s problems are hanging over this scandal.

I’d say he’s fifty-fifty for hanging on until 2022, and he doesn’t run again.

I’ve addressed Saintly_Loser’s position on this so your supposition that it explains away what happened is opinion on your part. There were options available to Cuomo that were not used.

Also, the idea that the policy was necessary in March fails when you consider Cuomo rescinded it in May with the continued rise in deaths. To say it was the right thing to do in March and suddenly not in May puts a large hole in the argument.

Saintly_loser’s position is based on the idea that hospitals exist in a vacuum of metropolitan regencies and not in a regional or national system of available medical support. that is not the case. Instead of fully addressing hospital room shortages with the assets brought into to support them the choice was made to send patients back to nursing homes.

This post is bonkers.

Cases and deaths in NY were both dropping precipitously in May and well off their respective previous peaks.

Cuomo made the tough, but ultimately life saving decision to send COVID patients back to nursing homes. This is one of things he did right.

Covering up nursing home deaths however was unequivocally wrong.

Huh? You send people with Covid to nursing homes and Covid will spread to other nursing home patients.