I work at a book store.

I hate customers because:

  1. They think it’s okay to remove a large stack of books, books they have no intention of purchasing, read them and then leave them in a messy pile on the floor.

  2. They think it’s okay to remove a large stack of magazines, magazines they have no intention of purchasing, read them and then leave them in a messy pile on the floor or alternatively leave them in a messy pile with the remains of their cafe purchases smeared on the pages.

  3. They think it’s okay to remove Playboys etc and retire to the men’s room for a leisurely read.

  4. They think it’s okay to allow their children to scream and otherwise act like spoiled little demon spawn.

  5. They think it’s okay to obstruct customers and staff with their large, unwieldy strollers.

  6. They think it’s okay to change diapers in areas other than the ladies room (where there is a changing area) and then deposit these same soiled diapers in the garbage cans located right by the customer service areas.

  7. They think it’s okay to stop me in my tracks when I’m carrying 20 lbs of books and ask me where some obscure title is located even though customer service is located just a few feet away.

  8. They think it’s okay to be irritated when I can’t figure out the title of the book they want. They don’t know the author, they don’t know the title but they do know the cover is blue.

  9. They think it’s okay to be irritated when the new book they just read a review of doesn’t come in soft-cover and won’t, for at least several months.

  10. They think it’s okay to buy books and then, several months or even years later, return them.

  11. They think it’s okay to interrupt me when I’m trying to help another customer.

  12. They think it’s okay to complain about the line being too long for them. Don’t I understand they’re in a hurry?

  13. They think it’s okay to complain when I don’t have a book they want. Don’t I understand they need it today?

  14. They think there is some mysterious place “in the back” where the books they want must be stocked.

  15. They think they’re entitled to all the free cardboard boxes they can carry. I like the idea of recycling as much as anyone but if there’s no one in receiving, they can’t have boxes…even if they are moving tomorrow.

  16. They think it’s weird we don’t have a xerox machine so that they can copy the pages of the book they’re reading.

  17. They think it’s okay to knock over a stack of books with the explanation of “Sorry, it was in my way.”

  18. They think it’s okay to drag chairs from where they are usually placed and plonk them wherever they choose.

  19. They think it’s okay to be irritated when I tell them I have to remove the chair they have just moved because it is blocking a section of books that a customer wants to look at or because it is blocking an aisle/pathway.

  20. They remove their shoes and socks so they can get really comfy. It’s not your home, asshole.

  21. They get angry when there are no available chairs (God forbid they spend a buck in the cafe). You want a chair so you can read? It’s called a library.

  22. They think it’s okay to remove a book from a shelf or table and then place it on top of other books when they’re done reading it. How hard is it to put a book back where you found it?

  23. They become irritated when the books sold in the store are so much more expensive then the same ones sold outside by street vendors. Uhh, maybe it’s because the ones outside were stolen, jerk-off?

  24. They angrily tell me they’re going to buy books from Amazon because it’s so much cheaper. I really couldn’t give a rat’s ass where you get your books.

  25. They ask 5 other customer service people to find a book for them even though I’m already off looking for it. I get it really, I do, the solar system revolves around you and what you want. No one else should be helped until you get your book.

  26. They stand there all petulant when we don’t have the book they want and say “But you should have it.”

  27. If I were to show this list to any of them, they’re deluded enough to never recognize themselves and their piss-poor manners.

I suggest you find another job.

Too damn right. I used to manage a large book store which was a major regional competitor of Barnes and Noble. Worst goddamn job I ever had. Staring into the future at that company was like staring into the airless cold of intergalactic space. There was just nothing there except hideously low pay and a guarantee of zero job security.

I hated it, and they fired me. The district manager’s frigid, emotionless voice over the phone was like a sip of cool, sweet water to a dying man in the desert. Biggest favor they ever did me.

  1. They think anyone who works in a retail store is beneath them.

  2. They think it’s ok to let their children throw paper airplanes and wrestle in a crystal/china store

  3. Then they give me the Death Look when I say to their precious darling, “Careful, honey, you’ll fall and hit your head!”

  4. They point at something light enough to lift very easily and say, “I want that.” (“Great! Checkout’s right up here! gestures “No, I want that.” "smile Need a shopping cart? “No, I want to buy that!” “Ooo-oohhh… do you want me to carry it to the register for you?” “Yes!” carries incredibly light thing) Worst was the big tall guy who would point at things and say, “Gimme that,” while I struggled to carry a huge armload of his items, since I couldn’t get away long enough to set them down or get a cart. :mad:

  5. They want something for nothing, and try to haggle, and complain that I can’t give them coupon discounts without the coupon present (“but I forgot it at home!”). Then they pull up to the back door in a Lexus or BMW to pick up their packages.

:mad: :rolleyes: :mad: :rolleyes: :mad: :rolleyes:

Hey, Christmas colors!!

Personally, and I’m prepared for people to disagree, I think the comfy, cozy, cool style of mega-bookstores like Barnes and Noble and Borders has become a problem. I know it is good for people to read, and it’s nice that these stores encourage people making themselves comfortable and reading in the store, but people often have no manners or decency and they totally take advantage. I see more books and magazines at these bookstores that are totally trashed because people read them, fold pages, bend spines, stuff books back in the shelves haphazardly, and generally screw them up. Often the books are in such bad condition that I wouldn’t buy them for myself! Comic book trade paperbacks, which are often read by teenagers, are usually the worst victims of this. Then people spill their coffee on magazines in the cafe sections and get cookie crumbs all over everything, and they leave books behind on the tables, often in puddles or coffee cup rings… what do they care? They never intended to buy anything anyway! I’ve never worked in a bookstore, but this pisses me off as a conscientious customer. I’ve spent countless relaxing hours reading in these bookstores, but I treat the materials like I would my own, whether I intend to spend money or not. I wonder how much stock has to be marked down or discarded due to thoughtless jerks treating the books and magazines like crap.

Yes, I’m a customer, not a seller, in bookshops, and I’m old-fashioned enough to thinkl that you should buy the book or borrow it from a library, rather than read it in the store. It’s great the way customers are given comfy armchairs in bookstores these days, but they should be just sampling enough to make decision, not spend all day reading the stuff.

(Of course, the people who run the stores have decided that they make more money by getting more customers in this way than they lose in damaged stock, so I don’t really agonise about their losses – just about poor attitudes on the part of some customers.)

Right, it’s the lack of respect that bothers me the most. I love loaning things to friends: books, movies, CDs… but I expect to get them back in the same condition I loaned them out in. A lot of people have no respect for other people’s possessions, which includes goods in stores, and that pisses me off. As a more extreme example, go to any Wal-Mart at midnight and you’ll see the place is trashed.

Why is this a problem? I ordered a book from for an online class I was interested in. Unfortunately, something came up at work and I was unable to take the course. I never opened the book; it was still in the original cardboard mailer. I called my neighborhood Barnes and Noble and asked if I could exchange it. They were totally cool with it.

Other than that, I agree with your other points. I can understand thumbing through a book to see if it’s what you’re looking for; I do that with cookbooks quite often. But sitting and reading the whole thing from cover to cover?

“People…they’re the worst.”

Ain’t that the truth! :smiley:

Personally, i don’t give a shit how long people spend in the store reading the books. What i do care about is the people who make it damn near imposssible for actual customers (you know, those of us who might actually buy something) to look for the books we want.

On a number of occasions i’ve been in one of these big bookstores and have had my access to certain shelves or sections blocked by a bunch of numbskulls who’ve decided to have their own little book party right there on the carpet. Three or four of them will sprawl out like the fucking place is their living room, and expect everyone else to go around them. And of course, if i ask them to move their self-important asses out of the way, i’m the asshole.

Yeah, i don’t give a fuck about the stores themselves. It’s their own idiotic policies that make shopping in some of these places such a pain in the ass. And if every copy of the book i want to buy has already been ripped or bent or dog-eared by the mauling hands of other customers, i’ll let the store know, on my way out the door, why i’m not buying anything from them.

Unfortunately, the liberal policies of these stores encouraged the already self-important people of the world to become even more annoying.

Well, i was under the impression that the OP was talking about people who purchased a book, and who then took it home and actually read it, then decided that they wanted to return it. It’s usually pretty clear if a book has been subjected to typical reading-type usage. I’ve been at the counter in bookstores before (as a customer) and seen people try to return books that have obviously had heavy use—bent pages, dog-ears, broken spine, etc. They seem to think that just because they’ve finished with it, the store is obliged to take it back and refund their money. These people need to be told that there’s a name for the place where you can borrow books and then return them.

That’s why I no longer work in retail. People, as a group, tend to be rather dumb.

This job would be great if it weren’t for the dam customers! :smiley:

Oh, boo hoo, bitch, moan.

Hey, if it weren’t for people doing this, your #3 would be:

  1. They think they can masturbate in the aisles.

When I worked in a bookstore, one of my coworkers actually caught someone doing this very thing.

I was just coming in to post about the masturbating in the isles.

Our local BN has a “sex” section (or something of that nature); it contains fully illustrated Kama Sutras, books on masturbation, “massage”, etc. They generally don’t show full frontal, but it is comperable to Cinimax porn (IE: you see boobs and you know what’s going on).

On* MANY* occasions I have walked by this shelf to see men, hunched over, wearing large coats, with their hands under the coat moving rapidly. This activity is wrong on many levels, but the one time that pissed me off the most was when there were little kids not 3 feet from this guy (mom was looking at some beautify books). I walked over to mom and quietly explained my observation. We both complained. He was arrested.

Someday I will learn to preview. And it will be a glorious day. Until then, enjoy my typing errors!

One of which being that the Kama Sutra isn’t even all that great as porn. Geez, if you’re going to get arrested over something like that, at least find the aisle with the good stuff.