D-Day or H-Bomb?

Or waited a few more years and nuked them from orbit. Just to be sure.

There are several good single volume general histories of the war. Try The Second World War by Antony Beevor. Beevor’s a good and clear writer and this book was published in 2012 so the information is up to date.

where is marge schott when you need her?

Nukes are an efficient weapon for destroying cities. It took close to 300 B-29s all night to destroy Tokyo with fire bombs, but only one B-29 with a nuke destroyed Hiroshima in a few milliseconds. The problem with tactical use is finding a suitable target. Operation Cobra after D-Day was the carpet bombing of a Nazi armored division (and several hundred American troops) by over 1000 B-17s with conventional bombs. This could have been accomplished with a nuke, although it is useful to remember that Bock’s Car missed the city of Nagasaki with it’s A-bomb, accidentally hitting a military target in the suburbs. Nuke suitable targets are rare in war, we were happily contemplating nuking the NVA during the 50s and 60s but they never offered a battlefield target worth the political consequences.
Tactical nukes would’ve been very useful against the mass formations the Soviet army favored if General Patton had his way, since they had 30 million troops in Europe to our 3 million.

how come to this day there is still some anti-japanese sentiment in the usa left over from the war, but not so much anti-german sentitment? is it because of pearl harbor, or that the japs were more brutal, or that germans look more like americans, or what?

Although it doesn’t mention Uruguay, I frequently find myself using John Keegan’s The Second World War as a reference. It deals with themes such as logistics and espionage, in addition to blow-by-blow events. Also, the opening chapter has the best explanation of the origins of the First World War I’ve ever read.

Is there much anti-Japanese feeling still left?

As to why the Japanese were definitely more hated that Germans; all of the above. Outrage at the sneak attack, plain old racism/xenophobia and the alien way Japan waged war. There was a feeling (before the camps were discovered, at least) that German soldiers were just professionals doing a job like ordinary GIs. They played more-or-less by the expected rules of war on the western front.

The Japanese didn’t - from suicide attacks to refusing to surrender in the face of certain death and treating their own prisoners horrifically (even as meat on-the-hoof).

Seriously? Could you point some out? The proliferation of sushi restaurants tends to indicate there’s not much animosity left.

The obvious one, which I was surprised at a while back, is the amount of morons who in the wake of the tsunami bleated from their mouthpipes about how it was “payback for Pearl Harbor” or “karmas a bitch Japan! lol”

I’m guessing perhaps the OP absorbed some of the leftover anti-foreign-car, buy-American, Japan’s-economy-is-overtaking-ours paranoia from the eighties, and is conflating that with World War II?

I didn’t hear any of that. I’m sure there are people who said it but there are idiots who would say that about any country. The last time there was any specific anti-Japanese sentiment of note was back in the eighties.

First I heard of that, too.

There are idiots everywhere. Like all the people claiming Katrina was some kind of divine punishment for New Orleans.

There WAS a lot of hostility towards the Germans, as well as a lot of, er ‘anti-german sentitment’. You can see it in the anti-German propaganda. You seem to be saying we wouldn’t have used the bomb against Germany, but the bomb was actually developed to use against Germany in the first place. Events sort of made it moot by the time it was ready to go, so it was used against Japan instead. But we sure would have used them against Germany had things turned out differently.

As to your OP, I think it was pretty much answered in the second post, but something that I’m not sure was covered is that we only had the 2 bombs initially, and IIRC it would have been another year after that before the next one was ready (then, a new bomb every 6 months after that, again from memory). So, your scenario where we are dropping bombs on German cities left and right wouldn’t have happened, regardless, since after the first 2 there would have been a fairly long pause (assuming the Germans didn’t just fold at that point like the Japanese did).

Actually, as I pointed out upthread, one would have been ready by the end of August with projections of about 3 a month through the end of the year with accelerating production after that.

It still wouldn’t have done much in the context of the war. We were doing more damage via conventional bombing already. It’s a nice urban legend that the mere existence of the atomic bomb was sufficient to end the war. Russia knocking on Japan’s doorstep was probably at least as much an inducement.

a memorial service was held last year near my town for the victims of hiroshima and nagasaki on the anniv of the first nuke…the next day in the local paper was a picture of a japanese mourner laying a wreath at this event…wow did the shiites hit the fan after that…for the next week there were dozens of letters to editor in the paper blasting the japs and the ceremony and the photo! the theme was mostly what about pearl harbor, and h&n was payback for ph…there’s never this kind of outrage over any war events involving germans…what do dat tell u

Veering into debate territory, but if you want to talk outrage about war events just ask the Chinese. Sino-Japanese relations have been poisoned for decades since the war in a way not seen towards Germany. Part of it is how modern Germany confronts the atrocities of its past - it’s even illegal to deny the Holocaust there. Their war criminals were hunted to the ends of the Earth and ended up at the end of a rope.

Japanese recollection of their acts in the war, particularly in China, are seen as a ‘whitewash’. See the textbook controversies, issues over supposedly honouring war criminals at the Yasukuni shrine and the stinging fact that some of the worst scumbags of Imperial Japan essentially got away with their crimes - if Prince Asaka had been in the SS he would have been undoubtedly executed at Nuremberg. So would Shiro Ishii, who oversaw the ghastly Unit 731 but was never prosecuted.

Yep, idiots are as idiots do; it just surprised me a bit how many of them indulged in shameless schadenfreude on the basis that they did Pearl Harbor, so screw 'em.

I don’t know where you are posting from, as there are a number of places Singapore where the term “Jap” is in use, but as this a racial slur in the US and should be avoided.

It tells me you should familiarise yourself with the SDMB community’s preference for using Standard English to communicate clearly.

Using “shiites” as an interchangeable word for shit probably also qualifies as a derogatory slur.

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