Darwin: 1, Knife robber: Nil

I’m pretty sure that there have been several. I recall one where a guy tried to hold up a bank. Right across the street from an FBI field office. During payday. Bank was full of agents.

A friend of mine spent much of his childhood in a small town in Wyoming, where lots of folks (ranchers, etc) carry openly. At that time there had been three attempts to hold up the local saloon, all three ending in the demise by gunfire of the wannabe perpetrators.

Depends on the circumstances - they arrived on the scene of what could very well have appeared to be a knife fight in the street, with two aggressors, one of which was dead and the other injured. Until everything has been properly examined, it doesn’t seem at all improper to take the guy into custody. Presumption of innocence is also extended to those under arrest - until and unless they are proven guilty in court.

Yes, there was.

He won a Darwin award for it too.

He didn’t have to but

Seems like a stand-up dude to me.


Disagree if you must, but you need to, as an investigator, get the still-living person away from the incident, back to the station and get the story figured out on your own turf. Some of these things turn out VERY differently than they start. The cops were spot-on. He was likely taken into custody and held in a booking room or area as opposed to actually jailed, until the coppers could get it figured out.