Darwin Awards Nominee: Women jumps fence into tiger pit to retrieve hat

Spoken like a true Doper.

Wait a minute…

A. She didn’t die,


B. There was a fence separating her from the tiger


Slow news day. She is more qualified for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame than for the Darwin Awards.

Newsflash! Darwin Awards Nominee: **handsomeharry **Drives by Zoo, Rolls Down Window Less 200 ft. from Unleashed Tiger! *

Better yet:

Newsflash! Darwin Awards Nominee: Woman Comes Nowhere Near Death! Her Situation Would Have Been Scary, Had She Been in Danger!

To me it looked like she hopped into a maintenance path. The protective fence is only there to prevent Darwin award winners from sticking their hands in the cage to touch the tiger. If the tiger was able to get outside of the first fence, it would be free to go on a tiger rampage.

Binky was a favorite in Anchorage, and the tourist got zero sympathy. The zoo started selling T-shirts with a photo of Binky and the sneaker that said: Please send more tourists; the last one got away!"