Daughter moving to Minneapolis - any advice?

And a tam.

Well just so long as your daughter can turn the world on with her smile, (etc.) I’m sure she is going to make it after all.

There actually is a Mary Tyler Moore statue in downtown Minneapolis.

I assume there regular buses between the St Paul campus and the Minneapolis campus? I’ve never looked. But the St Paul campus is in a nice area of town, if the transit is available.


IIRC, the 6 runs along Como Avenue between the two campuses, and when school is in session, there are free shuttles between the two campuses on the Transitway (a bus/bike-only road).

If you depend on biking to get around, I’d choose Minneapolis over St. Paul. I suppose I may be relying on almost 20-year-old information and someone will prove me wrong. But I had a recent tricky experience biking to Roseville, and St. Paul is hillier.

Snickers, Cost Plus World Market recently reopened in Roseville.

The people I know who live in Northeast just love it, but do a lot of students live there? Might be kind of quiet. Has a bit of a hipster vibe these days.

We walked right by the Mary Tyler Moore statue today on the way to open a credit union account. I made everyone stop and look at it. I’m not sure about whether my daughter can turn the world on with a smile (or fling a tam accurately), but she does have spunk!

And…she has an apartment! She found one in the Marcy-Holmes area, on the same side of the river as the campus, and right on a really useful bus line. It’s right in the middle of her budget, and we’ve already met a couple of neighbors, including an eccentric (but friendly) one. It was the fifth apartment we looked at today, and it’s not smelly (three were) or on the fourth floor of a building without an elevator, or in the middle of a row of frat houses. And, to put the cherry on top, the tenant who’s in the unit now just called the office this morning to say she wants to move out two weeks before her lease is up, and my daughter will be back in town on the 24th, so that’s perfect for her. She went in this afternoon, put down her deposit, and signed her lease.

She still has all her winter gear from when she was in Michigan, so I think she’ll acclimate to the winters here pretty well. Those lined boots would never have been worn again in New Mexico. Her apartment is very close to a bus stop, and there are a whole lot of lines that run right by. She’ll be able to get to the U in under ten minutes by bus, and she’ll be able to ride her bike when the weather’s okay.

Now we get to shop for furniture. Since her parents (and our credit cards) are here, we’ll probably just order new pieces, at least the bed and anything upholstered, to be delivered in August. This part is way more fun and way less stress than the apartment-hunting.

Thank you, everyone, for your help. I really appreciate having been able to come and worry here instead of stressing the kid out. You’ve all helped make this a lot easier.

Have her check out http://www.sos.state.mn.us/index.aspx?page=204

Aww IL, she’s all grown up like! I remember when they were just kids :wink: Say hello to Mr IL for me. Also as you’ve now undoubtedly surmised, Minneapolis is a cool little city. Be sure to check out the statue garden at the Walker Arts Center. Also indulge in cheese curds, and watch for lil’ purple fellas over by First Ave…