Dead guy on the freeway

I’ve seen way too many. One in particular stays with me but I’ll spare you the details.

This was all too common a site in Thailand.

Am I the only one who has Hot Child in the City play in their head every time they see the subject line?

I’ve only seen a couple of pedestrian fatalities here in Panama (surprisingly, considering the carelessness of both drivers and pedestrians).

Years ago I saw a guy stretched out behind a bus at a bus stop with blood running from his head into the street. There hadn’t been time to cover him with a sheet.

More heartbreakingly, a few years ago I saw what looked like a kid of maybe eight years stretched out at a bus stop under a sheet, with a couple of cops conferring at a police car nearby, on the beachfront road where I take my evening exercise. I couldn’t help thinking of how horrible it would be for the parents when they were informed. And the stupid thing was that there’s a pedestrian overpass only a short distance away, but people still insist on racing across four lanes of traffic.

I’ve seen lots of vehicular accidents, but I’ve never known if a fatality was involved.

I certainly hope so.:slight_smile:

Having worked at a mortuary and doing “removals” at night, I’ve seen dozens of bodies, though probably less than a hundred. The worst I saw was a girl who jumped from a hi-rise and hit a few balconies and an archway on the way down. Every bone in her body, head down was probably broken. She looked like a rag doll as the they were embalming her.

Thankfully, I never saw any babies or children. Though I did see and pick up a few miscarried fetuses in a plastic container. SIGH

Actually, I hear Old Man On The Back Porch by Presidents of the United States of America.

The other night I saw an incident that easily could have ended up with a body under a sheet, but somehow didn’t.

I was stopped at a traffic light, in the left turn lane. The light had already been red for several seconds. I watched as a car started to cross the intersection in front of me, from the left. Suddenly a motorcyclist blasted through the intersection from the lane to my right, doing at least 60. He missed the front of the crossing vehicle by maybe ten feet. I’m not sure he ever even realized how close he’d come to becoming a grease spot on the road.

I posted about this a dozen years ago or so, but I was on a street in Tokyo and heard brakes squeal then a thunk. There was an eight-year-old girl down.

She was deeply unconscious, and her tongue relaxed blocking her airway, turning her face blue.

Good news, bad news sort of thing. I was able to get her breathing again, so when her mother showed up a few minutes later she wasn’t already dead.

Unfortunately there was too much brain damage and she passed away that night in the hospital.

Better that than Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road.

One of the saddest sights I’ve seen – bar none – was some years ago when I got off about 2pm for Christmas Eve. Heading south on the freeway I had to slow down because of people rubbernecking a wreck on the other side. It was a Mercedes Benz overturned with the top crunched down pretty far. There were two blanket-bodies on the pavement and the first responders were working to extricate someone still in the car, status unknown but they weren’t in a frenzy.

The kicker: The trunk lid had popped open and there were a half-dozen wrapped Christmas present scattered about. I hugged my relatives extra hard that evening.