Deadline for Real ID for air travel pushed back until May 3, 2023

The Department of Homeland Security will delay the requirement for air travelers to have a Real ID-compliant form of identification, pushing it back 19 months, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said Tuesday.

The deadline was supposed to be Oct. 1, but it’s now being postponed until May 3, 2023. Similar delays in the past have been the result of a lack of full state compliance with the requirements for issuing the more secure driver’s licenses. But this time, it’s due to the pandemic, these officials say, which made it harder for people to get into state motor vehicle departments and get the new IDs.

That’s good.

However, IMHO, it is time to dump the racist RealID idea. The real idea behind it is to penalize brown people who arent in this country legally or that dont have paperwork.

It doesnt have much to do with security as a passport- any passport- is all you need. And several nation’s passports have little in the way of checking done.

However, even if you disagree, this is important news anyway.

Funny, I thought that the purpose was to make it more difficult to forge state issued ID’s. Are you saying that obtaining a legitimate state issued identification is a penalty on people who are in this country illegally? Are you saying that all ID requirements should be eliminated, or just those that are more difficult to forge?

No, that is not the idea. The GOP thought that CA (and a few other states) went too far in allowing illegals to get a drivers license. So under the guise of national security, came up with Real ID.

Why do you need a birth certificate for a driver license? Showing that you really are a resident isnt a bad idea, but why do you need to show you are in this country legally?

The Real ID Act implements the following:

** Title II of the act establishes new federal standards for state-issued drivers’ licenses and non-driver identification cards.*
** Changing visa limits for temporary workers, nurses, and Australian citizens.*
** Funding some reports and pilot projects related to border security.*
** Introducing rules covering “delivery bonds” (similar to bail, but for aliens who have been released pending hearings).*
** Updating and tightening laws on application for asylum and deportation of aliens for terrorism.*
** Waiving laws that interfere with construction of physical barriers at the borders.*

Documentation required before issuing a license or ID card[edit source]

Before a card can be issued, the applicant must provide the following documentation:[32]

  • A photo ID, or a non-photo ID that includes full legal name and birthdate
    ** Documentation of birthdate*
    ** Documentation of legal status and Social Security number*
    ** Documentation showing name and principal residence address*

Controversy and opposition[edit source]

The Bush administration’s Real ID Act was strongly supported by the conservative Heritage Foundation and by many opponents of illegal immigration.[105] However, it faced criticism from across the political spectrum, including from libertarian groups, like the Cato Institute;[106] immigrant advocacy groups; human and civil rights organizations, like the ACLU;

You need to bring, like, utility bills and crap to get real id. It’s harder to get than a passport, if you have the legal ability to get both.

I’d be delighted if they scrapped real id.

Yes, excellent points. Thank you for bringing that up, I didnt think of that. (I refuse to get a “ReaID” but I have a passport).

I got my Real ID a few years ago. Was time to renew i and since I don’t have or need a passport, I went with the Real ID.

My driver’s license expired last fall, so I got it renewed. I didn’t want to go through the bullshit of getting the Real ID version and waiting for hours in line at the driver’s license facility, so I just renewed by mail and got the “old and inferior” non-Real ID license. Then I sent in for a passport card this past winter (it cost $30 because I already have a passport). Now, I will be able to use my passport card when checking into flights, etc.

Passport cards are quite useful for that, thank you for bring it up.

In the state I live, we have real ID drivers license. When I renewed, I don’t recall having to bring utility bills, birth certificates, etc. I just renewed my license and was issued a real ID one.

You had to have done it the first time, to get the “real ID.” It’s a federal standard.

Another aspect of it is that, for it to count as Real ID, your state DMV has to share all of that data with all other states and the federal government. It’s a data security issue. My state had most of the framework in place, but was refusing to link up. Now you have the option to get either one, with only the linked up one good for air travel.

I did not know that. Good point there.

In Oklahoma, the system to get a RealID compliant driver’s license (or any DL for that matter) is so screwed up it’s almost beyond comprehension. We don’t have a DMV. Each town or county will have independent “tag agents” that you go to get your car tags, licenses, etc. They’re not government officials. Lots of them sell other crap in their offices like Scentsy or other BS.

Since the deadline was looming, people were rushing to the tag agents and overwhelming the system. Each visit is said to take about 15 minutes to do the required paperwork. Tag agents have found this to be a lucrative opportunity for them now and they’ve started charging fees to make appointments to get the RealID. It should be illegal IMO but it’s not.

I just got a passport card when I renewed my passport. It’s cheaper than a RealID since it lasts twice as long as a DL. And I can renew my non-compliant DL by mail.

The “need” for the Real ID, if there is such a need, became manifest in September 2001. Why does it take 22 years to implement something as simple and urgent as issuing new ID cards?

Why? They all had passports, Real ID would not have even slowed them down.

50 different states, with 50 different systems, a lot of which were not set up to do it this way from the start, and would require significant upgrades.

And many of whom have been fighting it tooth and nail since the git-go. And having their congressional delegation push back as well.

My state went so far as to pass a law saying that they would not comply. It was later repealed.

Right, but I think the larger point is that this law was passed in 2005 as a near necessity because we had to keep terrorists off of airplanes and out of federal buildings. When it was passed, I could see arguments for and against. But when you continuously delay the implementation over and over again for seventeen years (and we still don’t know if it will be delayed yet again), and there being not one documented case of where a Real ID would have stopped some tragedy, it is pretty good evidence that the powers that be really don’t think this is a necessary tool.

Necessary for what? As mentioned above, the 911 terrorists had passports, and Real ID wouldn’t have had any effect on them.

I think the “ohnoes, CA is giving driver’s licenses to illegal aliens, they might fly to another state and buy liquor with their driver’s license!” was more of a motivation that terrorism.

I think I agree with you…not necessary.