Deaf culture film?

I’m looking for a documentary, possibly originally a PBS show, on the subject of deaf culture. It explores those who feel that technology, with cochlear implants, are the hope of the future and contrasts this with others who strongly believe that giving sound to deaf people would be a scientific disgrace.

Anyone recognize this? I don’t think the word “deaf” is in the title, so I haven’t been able to find it thru Netflix.

Sound and Fury?



Although the title doesn’t ring a bell, I think that must be it. Netflix doesn’t have it on the “watch now” section, but I’ll get it on disc and check.

Thanks, didyaseeme! And welcome to SDMB. I hope you’ll stick around – I might have another question you can answer some day!

Just curious – do you have an opinion on the subject?

I actually recommended this film to student in my course this past semester. It’s a pretty amazing documentary. I found it useful in illustrating how the history of deaf education led to the growth of Deaf culture - and how passionately members of the community feel about that identity. (It’s a great analogy for why historically oppressed groups exhibit a great deal of pride in their identity as members of that group.)

I wonder if the “blind culture” (is there such a thing?) has a similar reaction to scientific attempts to replace non-functioning eyes with electronic ones. How about artificial limbs? Is anyone complaining that they will replace “stump culture”? Is deaf culture the only one that has this “backlash”?

I’m trying not to make a value judgement here, just trying to recognize and understand human nature.

Having consulted my (legally) blind associate, the answer is, “Yes, but not to the same extent.”