Dear NPR ombudsman

One quarter of slow GDP growth does not a weak economy make, and are you really expecting that she should have been aware of data released after she made the statement? We’ve averaged about 3% GDP growth this year-- just about what the Fed is targeting for healthy, sustainable growth.

Despite Mara Lie-ass-on’s looking like a Halloween witch in Talbots clothing and being in all probability not quite right in the head, why do I have this urge to grab her by the shoulder pads and engage her in a forcible exchange of bodily fluids? Is it her voice?

I’ve already exlpaiend why they were on NPR recently. It’s an election cycle and the republicans make up a good half of our political process. Not to mention with the elections themselves and Iraq circling the drain, it’s good to have some quotes straight from the administrations mouth. I’m curious how “the optimistic side of reality” is a mild effort. It stops just short of referring to Rove as delusional.

As an aside, what exactly do you mean by “people like yourself?”

Nope, and I really have no intention of doing so. The story on William Jefferson is not the topic here. The issue is you doing anything to prove that NPR has a right wing bias.

I heard the segment with Mara Liasson. She was half of the rational point/counterpoint pieces that NPR is known to do. I believe that they had a liberal speaker on as well. They did the same thing this afternoon. And as this was a discussion and not a reported story, Liasson was well within her boundaries to editorialize. Also, it came after a story where the intro was President Bush referring to a candidate he was stumping for repeatedly as “Dave.” The stumpee was actually named Jeff.

Now you can feel free to keep your ears tuned to your local NPR station in an attempt to pull bias out of the airwaves. You’ll find a lot of it with the low standard of evidence you’re using not to mention your intention of finding it. I’m going to assume you know what confirmation bias is. Happy listening.