Debris, new show on NBC

They made a point at that scene with the housekeeper that they were ‘handling the witnesses’ - which implies they are trying to keep the alien bits (or powers?) somewhat secret.

So many tropes in this - including solving the problem with ‘feelings’ and ‘closure’ - I’ll give it a couple of episodes before I decide to bail or not - I half expect Harry to show up for bits of his ship.

I know the closure scene you refer to-- which made me gag:

When the CIA guy’s MI-6 partner was mind-controlled and kidnapped by the alien ghost-zombie kid (due to her own rampant stupidity) he decides the only way to save her is by having the teenage daughter of the original victim, the grieving mom, talk to her to get her to deal with her grief and find ‘closure’, even though the mom is in some sort of alien coma and nobody knows if she has any awareness of anything.
Daughter: “why do you think this will work?”
CIA guy: “Because it HAS to!”

If this show stays so ridiculous it may become an ironic watch for me, similar to “Under the Dome” when it became so popular they decided to stretch it from a one-and-done summer filler mini-series to a multi-season arc, and the writers had no idea where to take the story once it totally diverted from the book framework.

It was great fun to watch for the last couple seasons: "Hey, the dome is magnetic now, and it crushed somebody between a car and the inside of the dome! Hey, the dome is raining something that looks like blood and burns like acid! Hey, the dome is shrinking and will soon crush us all! Hey, there are butterflies for some reason! I did feel bad for Dean Norris, coming fresh off his fantastic performance as Hank on ‘Breaking Bad’ to get caught up in that epic trainwreck.

I have a bad feeling that it’s going to turn into a series of “writers paint themselves into a corner and cut holes in the wall to escape” moments the way The X-Files did.

In that particular case, she had no reason to think it was a piece of Debris. She saw some packing material sticking out of the drawer a decorative table in the hall - it’s literally her job to deal with it. Wrapped inside was a small piece of utterly nondescript metal. The instant she touched it, she was doomed.

As to the larger point, I thought we saw a clip of news coverage of the alien spacecraft in the setup sequence at the beginning? It seemed like it was general knowledge that an alien spacecraft had passed through the Solar System, and maybe even that some pieces of it had rained down, but that The Government was covering up just how extensive the rain of Debris was. Maybe. It honestly wasn’t very clear to me.

I don’t know if I’ll hang on for more than one more show. Seeing laws of physics being repeatedly violated take me right out of it. I think it will prove to be a yawner.

I mean…that’s the entire point. Not that your personal tastes are wrong, but if you don’t like shows where the laws of physics are repeatedly violated, Debris really seems like it wouldn’t be worth it for you to hang on for even one more show.

…I stuck with the show because its sci-fi and it wasn’t that bad: not great, but good enough to catch up with each week.

But the last two episodes (Ep 9 “Do you know Icarus” and Ep 10 “I am Icarus”) were brilliant IMHO. No spoilers: but they reminded me of “The Arrival” in Fringe, or “Walkabout” in Lost, or “Midnight on the Firing Line” in Babylon 5, they were a pair of episodes that really put a stamp on what the show is all about…and what the show could potentially be. After those two episodes I’m all in now. I may have to rewatch the show again because I wasn’t really paying attention the first time around :slight_smile:

I’ve loved this show since Episode 3. Didn’t see the thread here :). I think it is some of the best writing out there. They slowly built up the main characters, built up the mystery, and they’ve kept it logical within the framework of the odd stuff happening.

I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Yeah, looking forward to watching part two of the two-parter on Hulu tonight.

I have to admit, after a cringingly bad first episode (which I talked about earlier on in this thread), the show is growing on me. Maybe my standards have just fallen :roll_eyes: :smile:

Supernova was a good episode too, I thought- at first they assumed teenagers were using a piece of debris to kill the elderly but it turned out the teenagers were formerly elderly poeple, and the piece of debris turned them young again. It was kind of a nifty mid-episode twist, the way the actual intentions of the “teenage” couple toward the old guy they befriended was revealed. and the ending was good as well.

The season-arc stuff with Influx (more to them it seems than just typical “want to take over the world” bad guys) and compromised, conflicted Maddox is turning into a pretty good world-building narrative as well.

I honestly forgot this was even on. I didn’t think it was bad, just not compelling (hence forgetting it was even on). If it’s still available for free streaming on NBC’s Firestick app, I’ll probably try to catch up to at least Ep 9 & 10.

I stopped watching a few weeks ago. Just seemed too far out. And I’ve been reading science fiction since the late 50’s.

I never watched Lost and some of the others mentions, so perhaps I’m not part of the target demographic.

Probably not, but I’d bet you could get a rider really cheaply.