Defining "woke"

Anarchy and anarchism are two different things.

Anarchism is a fairly well defined political concept, and when i saw the start of this exchange, i thought, “i bet @MrDibble is an anarchist”.

Also, the “sovereign citizens” aren’t anything like anarchists.

This is after all the woman who posted a tweet saying “look at what a day in a mask does” and had a photo of a mask she’d apparently poured coffee onto:

So when Mandel claims she was in a panic because someone on the show “Spoke of parents in a negative way,” do you believe her, anyway? I don’t. No one is attacking her for being a parent; that isn’t a thing that happens, not from “the left” or anyone else. She was not “brac(ing) myself to be ambushed on air about my own life choices as a mother of six children.” That makes no sense at all. It’s a lie.

Mandel has made herself famous by lying. Why would anyone have sympathy for her?

Huh, if she was breathing air that filthy, it’s a good thing she was wearing a mask. You can clear some crap out of your lungs, but that’s a lot for a day.

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I don’t see the relevance of that. Corruption is relevant when it’s so pervasive that it affects the core function of government, like when you can’t get anything done involving government without bribing government officials, or a government makes a commitment that it fails to honour and there’s nothing you can do about it. Otherwise, some level of corruption is a kind of background noise that is ultimately an inevitable fact of life in any enterprise that involves human beings.

I’ve already said that I’m in no way trying to sanctify my own government and there’s been all kinds of incidents of corruption, and I sure wish we could do better, but ultimately it made no real difference to the ability of government to function and do its job. For instance, one of the “big” scandals involving the Liberal federal government was the so-called “sponsorship scandal” of 2004 that involved money earmarked for promoting the federal government via advertising in Quebec being diverted to Liberal-affiliated advertisers and to the Liberal party itself. Another in 2019 involved the SNC-Lavalin Quebec construction company being charged with bribing Libyan officials to win construction contracts there, and Prime Minister Trudeau pressuring the AG to offer a deferred prosecution agreement, fearing economic and political impacts to Quebec.

I acknowledged that reality already, but in the large scheme of things, these things don’t seem to me in any way to argue against the virtues of social democracies as a system of government. Churchill described democracy as something along the lines of the worst form of government, except for all the others. We live in a world that has to be pragmatic and pick the best system we know how to create, out of a non-ideal selection.

One word: presentism. It means judging actions of the past by contemporary standards. At the time that (for example) Britain was engaged in colonialism all over the world, its own citizens thought it was just a fine idea. Government was just reflecting the prevailing values of the time. Winston Churchill was a raving bigot against non-whites; again, a product of his time. Meanwhile, during the colonial era there was no end of bigotry and injustice within Britain itself. Presentism. It’s pointless except in the context of historical learning, and says nothing about the merits of social democracy.

The FBI can classify them as whatever it wants to, but an Anarchist would cast down the system rather than hold up various quotes from the legal books as magical formulas with powers of protection. In order to be a Sovereign Citizen you have to believe that the law is SO POWERFUL that if you use it the right way it can grant you any power you want.

Hey, @Moonrise, I was wondering if you wanted to address this question. White people are no longer the majority in Texas, why should Texas bow down to the demands of a minority in regards to history education, social customs, their minority views re: ‘social cohesion’, more?

Especially given our own worldviews and goals, even within the subset of people known as “white” (including myself), are often conflicting with each other?

In short: Do you still approve of Anglo cultural dominance for Texas?

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And yet, you bring it up and continue to talk about it.

That’s not cynical

The proper response is “Be careful about government help, watch those orgs carefully. “We are with the government, we are here to help you” is often not true, or the help comes with a hidden agenda.”

The government is not evil or crooked. It is large, clumsy and run by bureaucrats. While reaching out to help, they may step on you.

Of the South African government?

Sure- one or two hundred years in the past. There is Iceland…

The Anarchists in America specialize in going to peaceful demonstrations and turning them violent. That is pretty damn evil.

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Because anarchists i know have been actively provoked by the police, while attempting to stay peaceful.

AFAICT, at least as of 2020, it was definitely the case that small organized groups were deliberately trying to escalate violence at peaceful BLM protests, but it is not clear what movement(s) the groups represented.

There were definitely small groups of people intentionally trying to turn BLM protests violent. As best as i can tell, most of these people are still unknown, but the ones who have been identified were right wing, and presumably trying to discredit the BLM movement. I see no motive for anarchists, and haven’t heard of any anarchists actually caught doing this.

There have always been people who act like assholes or idiots, I have never felt the need to define them. Like sounding out the classification and nomenclature of the grass you walk on at any given moment.

People use the word a bit now. How they use it, when and why on both sides of the political isle are something I’ve begun to notice says a significant amount about that person. That saves us all time.
Remember naming grass?

ETA: I’ll take my homespun wisdom and my country time lemonade and wander back to the porch now.