[del]Can't[/del]PLEASE Stop The Music!

A bit of an outlier, but no one has mentioned At Long Last Love (which probably means you haven’t seen it, for which you should be eternally grateful). A couple of quotes from the reviews:

There’s a still which I haven’t been able to find in which the four leads — Burt Reynolds, Cybill Shepherd, Madeline Kahn and Duilio Del Prete (remember him?) — are lined up doing something that kinda sorta resembles a can-can step. Which is somewhat marred by the fact that their feet resemble a sine wave far more than a straight line.

Cole Porter supposedly came up with the title song to take his mind off the fact that he was pinned under a horse which had fallen on him and broken his leg. That should have been a Sign.

Does *The Jazz Singer *count as a “musical”?

Oh, not that one. The 1980 one. With Neal Diamond.

Oh, and I suppose you’re going to throw in our faces how rapey it is with a song glorifying historical rape makes it somehow ’ ’ bad ’ ’ .

Actually, when put that way…

I liked the dancin’.

You mean The Electric Companythat featured the likes of Morgan Freeman, Rita Moreno, Mel Brooks, Zero Mostel and Bill Cosby? Um, you didn’t mean to endorse Sgt. Pepper, did you?

To save some of you the trouble: If your nine year old self thought Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Parkis a great movie with fantastic heros, scary villains and awesome special effects, treasure that memory and DO NOT WATCH.
Also, you should owe Marley23a beer.

Close behind Sgt. Pepper in the “big time rock music to lousy musical” category would be the 1975 adaption of “Tommy”. eeeuuuuu… too many beans.

After Grease, the producers figured they could make a franchise out of it, possibly running for a decade or more with a new film every couple of years. Then came Grease 2, and it skidded into the wall and crashed.