Deliberate (and deliberately offensive) racism should be moderatable. It is Being a Jerk

Then people will move to other message boards or venues that allow for “frank discussions” on why certain races can’t be trusted to do their jobs.

If you’re saying somebody can’t do a job because of their race, that’s racism. It’s the literal definition of racism.

Cartooniverse was being a jerk, and a racist jerk at that.

The whole I’m not racist, but we all look out for our own defense doesn’t wash. It is, in fact, more racism. Presumably, the producer was hired on his abilities and experience. Oh, but he’s black erases all of that. It’s a whole lot of projection.

Don’t get distracted by free speech. It is just a distraction. We’ve never had free speech here, and it would have been a bad thing if we had.

Do we have an black mods here? Can we challenge their mod-notes with But you’re black! arguments? Or would that be racist?

I’m sure there are message boards that support racism. This is not one of them. The people who leave here because they can’t post racism will not be missed.

I can’t believe you don’t see how racist you’re being here. If Ben Affleck had slapped John Mullaney and the producer had been white, would you have said,“Well look at a picture of the producer, no wonder he wasn’t kicked out?” No, of course not.

Black bouncers kick unruly black patrons out of clubs all the time. No bad optics there at all.

And the idea that you can’t possibly be racist because you have half Asian kids is risible. There are actual Asians who are racist against black people.

Your post should have gotten a mod note at minimum and preferably a warning.

ETA; Also, your post wasn’t the OP. It was around the later 300’s

Yes, it has quite a long history of doing so. Racialism and scientific racism discussions happened all the time. Chen019 is the first name to spring to mind but there were others that posted almost exclusively on those subjects for years.

Not sure why you posted rules for P&E, but why couldn’t moderation discretion have used the don’t be a jerk rule? Everyone always talks about it being the #1 rule, but it is rarely used. This was a Cafe thread, not the Pit. He was a jerk and could have been modded for it with zero blowback.

I actually was a bit surprised to find out today that apparently the whole production staff was black. Not sure how or why that came around but i don’t see why that couldn’t have been asked and answered. Cartooniverse’s phrasing was way off, like it was a conspiracy of some kind.

That depends where you read now. Some say he wasn’t asked to leave. Some say he refused to leave. Some say he was not asked and did not refuse to leave at the same time.

I second this approach (and obviously the conclusion stated immediately afterward as well–I mean, even outright racists will generally agree to that, the key is they’ll just insist they’re “not a racist, but…”).

Thirding @Sunny_Daze’s post. Good distinction.

I agree with @Roderick_Femm on that.

You misread that. Say there is a person who is incompetent. That person happens to be black, which has nothing whatsoever to do with their competence. Someone calls the person incompetent, because they are. Another rails at that and claims that you can’t call that person incompetent because to do so would be racist… because that person just happens to be black.

Sure, happens all the time “The good old boys club”. “He only got away with that as he was white and rich”. And it does happen.

Truth be told, I thought @Chingon was being sarcastic. Perhaps he can clarify?

That is certainly possible, I admit.

You presume too much.

Yeah, I mentally appended a big /s to the end of their post too.

This is so not-even-wrongI don’t even know where to begin, but let’s start with the (thankfully now restricted) GD scientific racism threads and go from there…

They haven’t, because I see White people flapping their lips about Black issues all the damn time.

Maybe I misread his post. It could be interpreted two ways: saying there are people who are incompetent and black or saying there are people who are incompetent because they are black.

I’m leaning towards the latter interpretation.

Look at the context of the two posts I was responding to.

My experience has been that whenever somebody complains about how white people can’t tell the truth about black people, the “truth” they’re seeking to share is racism.

JFC, it was sarcasm. LOL I capitalized “because” .

It was a terrible system. Go back 15 years and read some of the jocular jeering shittiness that was posted. Board culture permitted some pretty gross stuff. It’s improved by reining folks in, and we’ve spent tens of thousands of posts discussing that. I’m well pleased with our progress and hope we make more progress.

Completely agree. Much of that has been reigned in and it’s been a great benefit to the community.

Thirded. The “highly effective” scorn wasn’t effective enough to keep some posters from bringing up the same bullshit over and over again, wasn’t effective enough to keep certain cancerous attitudes from festering, wasn’t effective enough to keep valued and valuable posters from leaving in dismay and disgust.

It may feel good to pile scorn on people with retrograde ideas. It feels better to not have to put up with them in the first place.