Dick Cheney to get SS protection

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How long does Chelsea Clinton get Secret Service protection?

Will her kids?

I despise Dick Cheney. Yet, he should get secret service protection. We don’t want to live in a country where political leaders are routinely assassinated. I don’t want some nutjob knocking off Cheney because of some far left consipiracy theory. Just imagine what might happen if Obama is screwed out of the next election.

Dick Cheney should condemned in the history books, but not by an assassin’s bullet.

So you’re saying the government is better at providing some services than private enterprise because efficacy and profitability aren’t always the same thing?

I completely agree.


No. Unless a future president (maybe named Clinton?) decrees it.

Immediate family gets protection for life (recently changed to 10 years). If you’re not immediate family, tough luck.

I’m confused. I thought the traditional form of SS protection after leaving office was hiding in South America.

Funny you should mention that; it’s rumored that the Bush family has bought a lot of land in Paraguay.


I asked because I assumed that the rules were changed (10 years for ex-presidents, etc.) because of financial constraints. I tried to imagine all of the children (and future spouses of those kids) who were going to need protection.

After I posted, I realised that I had a (probable) incorrect mental picture of the manpower requirements of said protection.

I initially imagined something like the protection afforded by Clint Eastwood (and cast) in In the line of Fire for each person in SS protection. But now I’m thinking that Chelsea probably only has one or two bodyguards, not a whole team with concealed mics and earpieaces, counter-terrorist-snipers on rooftops, helicopters, etc.

In other words: :smack:

I agree. I despise George W. Bush, but I don’t think it’s a good idea for him to get only 10 years of protection from the SS. The job bestows immense personal risk, and that risk doesn’t really diminish enough after leaving office to make security unnecessary, in my opinion. Hell, it’s not as if it’s that expensive. The group of people intimately related to someone who’s been in the Oval Office for four to eight years is simply not that large.

Not true. Only a presidential spouse is entitled to lifetime protection (10 yrs starting w/ Laura Bush). Presidential widow(er)s loose protection upon remarriage. Presidential children only get protection until they turn 21.

Yes, who honestly would think otherwise?

I’m really worried about Cheneys safety. I think that the best thing for everyone would be to put him in a locked facility for his own protection. In solitary.

Snort. :slight_smile:

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