Did anyone see Red Symons on Millionare the other night?

Jeez that guy is smart! I can’t believe he BLEW it with a lifeline in hand!!!

(For all you non-Aussies, this was on the Aussie version).

Clue the rest of the world in… who the hell is Red Symons?

Symons was the second guitarist in a 1970s Melbourne glam band called Skyhooks. After this he had a spot as a curmudgeonly judge of a piss-take talent segment on the long-running television programme Hey Hey It’s Saturday, which ran on the same network currently showing Millionaire.

I didn’t see Red, since I’d turned over to watch The Fat (sport-based satirical panel-show) at 10. I did see (actor) Rachael Griffiths though. No fool, and a lot prettier than Red.


The thing is Red Symons is a very smart little cookie. Very intelligent and I think he thought he knew the answer which is why he didn’t use the lifeline. He was completely at ease and comfortable with the answer and said it with a high degree of certainty.

And did you notice how quickly Eddie McGuire locked it in though? Not much mucking around this time. What happened to the taunting “Are you sure?” “Is that your final answer”. Normally he’d draw it out for ages but not this time.

Then again Eddie and Red aren’t supposed to get on, and Red’s seemingly arrogant attitude tends to put people off side, but the fact remains he is avery intelligent man. I thought he was going the whole way…

Eddie and Red don’t get on? How do you mean? Since when?

So what was the question Red was so sure of, but got wrong?

And in the antipodean version of the show, do you get a million real dollars, or just Australian ones?

In the original, you get pounds, not your puny dollars, let alone our miserable dollars.