Did Harpo Marx ever speak on film

Osip, you are quite correct. It was the speech in Chasing Amy that I was think of.


dwtno said

“Harpo Speaks”

I think Folkie was refering to an autobiography by Allan Sherman, at least that’s what I understood the statement to mean. I was suprised because I never realized Sherman even wrote an autobiography.

Harpo’s book I know.

I asked about Harpo at my film newsgroup. Here is the reply:


For the nitpickers:

Harpo appeared solo in a small role in the 1925 Richard Dix vehicle TOO MANY KISSES. Harpo, in the silent film convention, moved his lips & we saw a title card with his character’s dialogue. So that’s the only time Harpo “spoke” on screen.

Harpo does whistle in several films, so you can hear his “voice.”

Harpo was offered an extra $50,000 by the producer of AT THE CIRCUS to speak a line in that film, but turned it down.

FYI, recordings of Harpo’s voice apparently do exist. I’ve never heard any of them, but he supposedly sounds like a raspier, slower speaking Groucho.

Allan Sherman, 1965, A Gift of Laughter

This is a garbled version of what Harpo wrote in “Harpo Speaks.” He said that, after he retired from films, he would appear at various banquets, stand up, and begin “Unaccustomed as I am at public speaking.” It would immediately bring down the house and he didn’t need to say anything more.

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