Did Jesus make a difference in the world?

Because, if there were no Jesus, there would have been no Paul.

Which begs the question, would Paul have picked up on some other crazy Jewish cult instead…


Jesus made a massive impact on the world.Jesus basically explained to the people of the world are the children of god.Jesus says that he is the son of god.We are jesus brother and sisters.

If your a complete atheist and do not believe in god ,thats ok because god believes in you.
Jesus was an absolute rock star .Jesus did not search for fame or glory all he wanted was for the human animal to stop treating each other like shit and respect each other.
Jesus does not enforce rules upon people infect he says we are all sinners he or she who has not sinned shall cast the first stone.

The bible has embellished Jesus and added a few rules to keep the masses under control.
We have good and evil within us we have free will and at times we can be kind or nasty .

the age old fight of good and evil is with us all.if you believe in good you believe in god if you believe in evil you believe in the devil.

Then again Lucifer the devil punishes the evil doers .If Lucifer was evil would he not reward the evil doers.The devil made me do it sounds a bit of a cop out.

You had a choice free will you choose good or you choose evil god or the devil.Its easy to blame other people for your own failing.It wasn’t me…I think it was you and i think if your doing evil deads Satan will come and take your soul you wretched mother fucker and you will burn in hell .

You choose …You decide …be good or be a fucking prick and burn in hell for all eternity .
What you idiots are arguing about is religion like society like community there are good and there are bad people there are people who are misled and misguided .

if your a religious person and your doing evil deeds then your a fuck waste of space a pretender and you will be tortured in hell unless you repent and try to make up for your evil deeds if your praying on the week then just go kill yourself .

Life is hard enough without pedophiles rapists and bastards who need to hurt and control weaker people to feel better about themselves.

Jesus would forgive you but i am not as saintly as Jesus so i think that abusers are trash.

if you think that Jesus would have condoned the crusades you mental.
Jesus said forgive you enemy’s.

Jesus said I say to you, Love your enemies, bless those cursing you, do good to those hating you, and pray for those accusing you falsely, and persecuting you,

Jesus did not say go to another country and kill people and i will reward you in heaven.
Jesus would have considered that a dick move.Jesus wanted us to stop fighting and killing Jesus was a pacifist.

Since this thread is from 15 years ago, even before my time, don’t expect a lot of responses.

Insert Jesus as a zombie joke here.

The Holocaust and the massacre of Native Americans weren’t done in the name of Christianity.

Has Jesus made a difference? Yes, because of him millions of people have tried to follow his example and made a difference for good in the world, you do not have to be a Christian to follow the example of Jesus, you can except that his example is the way that you wish to live your life without taking on board all the smoke and mirrors of religion. If you take away the politics and religion away from the example of Jesus we would probably end up with a far better world.

The question is has man through politics and religion stopped the message of Jesus from being the global guiding light that it should have been?

One could similarly claim that Santa Claus has made a huge difference on our society. An enormous portion of our economy, loads of literature, music, art, etc. have been affected. The ideals expressed by Santa Claus and his selfless acts of charity have had a profound effect on our world.

I would claim in both cases that neither of those individuals really made much difference, it was large groups of others over time taking advantage of those avatars for pushing their own ideas on society.

I don’t see any reliable way of disentangling the various things (for both good and ill) that people would have done in more or less the same way but with different rationales veneered onto their actions.

Changed, yes.

Improved… hmmmm…

The great question about Jesus is whether he really physically existed. There are scholars today who present great evidence that he was totally contrived. Why is this so hard to believe, when clearly other gods such as Thor were clearly made up? The gospels were written long after Jesus, so are not eye witness testimony. Many doctrines concerning Jesus and god came about centuries after Jesus, and a great example is the trinity. There was no mention of this before the Latin Vulgate. (Watch Bart Ehrman on Youtube).

It was mentioned that Christians abolished slavery. NO. People stood up against slavery, some happened to be Christian as I am sure some were not. Advocates of slavery who fought to keep it also happened to be Christian, and the KKK cites the Bible as justification.

Christianity tries to assert being the only true doctrine and claims a monopoly on morality. Do people that happen to also be Christian do good things? Yes. Do people that happen to be Christian do bad things? Yes.

See where this leads?