Did Rush Limbaugh get shafted?

This stuff would be so good for ratings if Rush hadn’t quit, been forced out, whatever. He, Reggie White, and Charles Barkley could sit around and talk sports on PPV.

If Rush would have said “Donovan doesn’t deserve the praise he gets from the media”, and left it right there, it would be daring, but not damning.

If he had pointed out that most quarterbacks, both Black and White, are media darlings, and are treated well even by ESPN, especially if they proved to be winners in the past, and the QBs were given free passes when they turn into suck on and off the field; that would be not only real bold and daring, it would be the reason why Rush belonged in the booth. He could then point to the many quick changes of starting QBs this year compared to a few years ago, when they stayed the season, and that Donovan could be next. That is how to do incisive commentary.

Rush made the fatal error of singling out Black QBs for this analysis when it wasn’t necessary.

And to be fair, it’s just as moronic.

I don’t think RL got shafted. As someone better versed than me said, McNabb wasn’t overrated at all–he’s had a successful career until he sustained an injury. His first two games back he wasn’t as good, which is to be expected. I’m just glad McNabb gave him a mouthful of mudpie by performing so well.

I basically agree with the above.

Anyway, it’s hardly outrageous to hypothesize that race is a factor in the media’s treatment of an athlete.

As a clearer example, it seems to me that part of the reason Tiger Woods is so celebrated is that he is a black man succeeding in a traditionally white-dominated sport. It’s hardly racist to point this out.

By the way, I don’t care for Rush Limbaugh.

Oh, I agree. Moronic, yes.

He’s a big boy and he know’s you can’t use the word “black” in a sentence unless you own the show. He bowed out gracefully. Of course, he will need a new maid to lessen the sting.

Those liberals and blacks sure do stick together, don’t they.

as mcnabb himself said, “free pass from the press?” “in philadelphia??!!??!!”

this was the quarterback that before he even touched a football in phila, was blasted in the press for months. philly papers and fans hated the decision to draft mcnabb. the man had an uphill battle here from the moment it was announced that he was picked by the team. his first year was a press nightmare.

i believe mcnabb’s stats as a quarterback tell his tale, and limbaugh’s words tell his tale.

Maybe Rush was high on Oxycontin at the time he made the statement. Just a thought.

I was in Philly when Richie “call me Dick” Allen played 3rd. -mid 60’s. The press was on him like white on rice-40 years ago. No free passes there. I think the press did go a “little easy” on QB’s however elsewhere-guys like Joe Gilliam in Pittsburgh(70’s) & Doug Williams later, but agree w/an above post- not so for years.

I was under the impression McNabb was a cut above old Kordell in talent, and Michael Vick in keeping himself in one piece. :slight_smile:

On the other hand, a Man as smart as Rush should have known better than try a stunt like that. He should have known the Disney Sports Network (ESPN) wouldn’t stand for it. He left and saved them the trouble of firing him.

ESPN knew what they were getting, and they got burned. Simple.

I don’t want to be in the position of defending Rush Limbaugh, since I don’t like the man or his politics. So instead of talking about Rush, I’ll try to just look at the theory that he was proposing, because I think it’s a plausible theory.

First question: How good a quarterback is McNabb? He’s a very good quarterback, certainly good enough to deserve to start for the Philadelphia Eagles. I think that even Rush agrees with this.

Second question: Is McNabb overrated? I don’t know. It’s debatable. Even though he’s very good, he still may be overrated. Believing that he’s overrated doesn’t mean you’re racist.

Third question: Could he tend to be overrated in part because he is black? This is the controversial part, but it is possible. Certain players do tend to become media darlings, for whatever reason. As lucwarm points out, it seems likely that part of the reason for Tiger Woods’ popularity is that he isn’t white.

rocking chair may be right that McNabb has not received a “free pass from the media.” However, it’s not contradictory to say that the media was overly critical of McNabb at first and that they rate him too favorably now.

There’s even been psychological research that is consistent with this course of events. In Hass et al. (1991), small groups of college students worked together on a trivia game. Half of the time, it was arranged so that the group would do well, and it was clear that their success was due to the work of 1 group member. That group member was actually a confederate who was in on the experiment (the other people did not know that he was in on it). The other half of the time, the group did poorly and it was clear that it was the fault of the confederate. Additionally, sometimes the confederate was black and sometimes he was white. The rest of the group was all white. After the game, all of the group members reported their impressions of the confederate who was either black or white and who was responsible for either success or failure (each group only experienced 1 of the 4 possible conditions). The result was that people tended to report more extreme impressions of the black confederate than of the white confederate. The black confederate who was responsible for success was rated more positively (on average) than the white confederate who was responsible for success. When responsible for failure, the black confederate was generally rated more negatively than the white confederate. So it’s not entirely unreasonable to suspect that a very good black quarterback is overrated because he is black.

Even though it may be a plausible theory, it’s not exactly the kind of hypothesis that you should drop casually in polite conversation. People are going to take it as racist, especially if it isn’t explained in detail and especially if it’s coming from someone like Rush Limbaugh.

Very interesting experiment. But, a sports broadcast really isn’t the place to speculate on sociological reasons for the assessment of a player’s ability or standing with the sportswriters.

Rush, being a political animal first, last and always and an opinionated loudmouth on top of that couldn’t just say that McNabb was having a bad year and be done with it. He had to drag in the racial element, and then whine, when he was called on it, that he was really commenting on the media.

At least he avoided saying the “elitists of the liberal media.” Or did he? I’ll not be a bit surprised if he gets Hillary into it somewhere.

What he said was racist. To speculate about the media overrating black QBs because of some social agenda is a legitimate topic. To say with certainty that McNabb specifically was overrated because he was black is another.

I wonder what criteria Rush used to determine that the reason he was overrated was because of his skin color?

How does he distiguish between a black QB who is overrated because of his skin color, and a black QB who is overrated because of something else?

On a side note, McNabb was not overrated.

The both of you are effing nuts. Tiger shot to popularity because for three solid years he was nigh unbeatable. His race had nothing to do with it.

As for McNabb, he was a damn good QB last year, he had poise in the pocket, a good arm, and a running game that was second only to Mike Vick in the league. Given all that I still wouldn’t go so far to say he was a darling of the press. I’d say Vick or Chad Pennington were the golden boys of last season. McNabb had a shitty start and Limbaugh jumped on him, and rather than sticking to football, which he clearly doesn’t know anything about, he had to air his own warped politics. He got off light if you ask me. The guy is a fool and apparently a scumbag as well.

That’s a load of bull. I think most people can tell the difference between race issues and racism.

Tiger Wood’s popularity has nothing to do with his race? Wha-Wha -What?

Sure, Sharpton and those like him know the difference. They just don’t care. And those that listen to him really don’t know the difference, IMHO.

I’ll concede that a half asian/ half black man dominating a white dominated sport has some novelty value. But, if Tiger wasn’t the great golfer that he is would anyone care?


Sure, Sharpton and those like him know the difference. They just don’t care. And those that listen to him really don’t know the difference, IMHO. **

Sharpton and Limbaugh and their devotees are the exception not the rule. When a black athlete is praised or defamed most people would look at his record on the sports field as a mitigating factor. Rush and Al like at his skin and social realities as they percieve them.

that doesn’t sound like him.


Of course every black golfer is the darling of the press, even if they aren’t topnotch. Like Calvin Peete is. He is on every sportswriter’s list of golfing greats just because he is black. You can’t pick of a golf magazine or a newspaper sports section without seeing him written up in glowing terms.

Rush also knows about race and he also knows his audience and plays to it. I suspect his standing with the ditto-heads is now even higher, if that is possible.

I can’t believe anyone would think Tiger’s popularity has anything to do with race. He accomplished things that no golfer had by his age. He completed a ‘grand slam’ of the majors (although not in the same year), but he did win all four consecutively. That alone would be enough for any golfer to achieve fame, considering it’s been the better part of a century since it’s been accomplished.

That being said, I don’t think Rush should have been forced to ‘resign’ because of his comments on McNabb. He should have been forced out because he brought absolutely nothing to the table on that show from a football perspective, and basically convoluted the only decent pre-game show left on TV.

I had to quit watching CBS because of Deon. I can’t watch FOX since I can’t stomach Terry Bradshaw… and ESPN had finally gotten rid of Sterling Sharpe. Now that Rush is gone also, I finally have a ‘blowhard’ free football program to watch. :wink: