Did the FBI fail to examine the Clinton E-mails found on Wiener's laptop

Let’s look at the full text.

Which, basically, is saying that because they couldn’t deduplicate they ended up reading more documents than they had intended.

My take is that they had some interns using plain ol’ search in the on-device email browsers to try and figure out what to read, and ended up reading a bunch of stuff that had already been found before and cleared, because they didn’t know how to download and process the database. And, for reasons of privacy and such, they had some limits on what sorts of things to try and look for, so that struck out most of the emails on the devices and informed their search queries.

Someone technical wrote up the November 15th report, probably noting that the grunts could have spared some effort if they’d been more tech savvy.

There’s your answer. Almost every single time you find a story being branded around the right-wing news sphere that isn’t being picked up by those on the left, the reason is that it’s simply nonsense - it’s a lie, it’s misleading, it’s not news, or something. Remember, The Federalist isn’t a “news site” per se. Their business is not informing viewers of what’s going on in the world. Their business is, first and foremost, propping up the right wing.