Difference in Film Types: Live vs Still

In addition to this, check out the Foveon X3 sensor, currently being used in the Sigma SD9 DSLR, which has three times the color information each pixel or something like that (IIRC layered sensors that each capture red green and blue).

A strip of black and white 35mm film from 1935.

A strip of color 35mm film from 1934.

More or less right. Conventional CCDs use a Bayer filter (or a proprietary diagonal patten for Fuji) which means each pixel only records one primary color. Half are green, a quarter red and a quarter blue. The raw data is interoplated into a standard format RGB bitmap. With the Foveon CCD each pixel records all three primary colors. It has a lot of potential but the marketing blunder of the low resolution and putting it in proprietary Sigma cameras is holding it back.