Disney, Dwarves and Asians

Along the same lines, some years ago there was a type of air freshener that was being sold in covenience stores. It’s been a while, but they looked like crowns or Easter eggs. They would sit on the dash or the back “shelf.” I saw only blacks with them. Don’t know whey they would appeal to only one ethnic group.

It’s been my experience that blacks hang car air fresheners of any kind more than whites, at least in Michigan. (No flames, please. This is my honest experience). Their cars don’t seem especially smellier than other ethnic group’s cars, so I have no idea why this occurs.

“I had a feeling that in Hell there would be mushrooms.” -The Secret of Monkey Island

Lord, what have I done?

OK. Back to my point – and those who have humored me by dignifying it. The notion of the dwarfs being tied in with the seven incarnations of Buddha came up in a conversation with a friend. Since it was a subject about which we collectively knew diddily squat, it died before the waitress could bring another round. Anyone care to enlighten me or speculate on this?

The sad part of this whole thread is that it points out that I live in a world where I feel that I can’t pull over to a guy at a light and say: “Hey, what’s up with the dwarfs?”

Regarding Japan/Excessive Cuteness.

“Hello Kitty”


We have met the enemy, and He is Us.–Walt Kelly


(Bolts and runns out of room, screaming…)